Saturday, December 19, 2009

~Gluten-Free Essentials Review~

~Gluten Free Essentials Review~
Chocolate Mint Fudge Brownie Mix
Lemon Poppy Seed Bread & Muffin Mix

Finished Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin
I received a surprise package in the mail a few days ago. What was funny was, I had just mentioned the night before how I would like a brownie. Now those who know me, KNOW how much I dislike Brownies. I could never find one which was moist or even tasted good. Imagine my joy when this package came. I was singing "I'm gonna have a Brownie, I'm gonna have a Brownie" I know a funny gal I am. I didn't hesitate to work up both mixes the same night.
I made the brownies first, since they were my craving. Making the brownies up was quite easy and quick. It only required 3 ingredients plus the packaged mix. Little did I know Ms.JavaGal could smell them baking all the way upstairs. She of course came to investigate. I should say she came to hound me until they were ready for consumption! lol
I had the following people taste them and give their opinion on them.
Mr.~ (Not one to mix words, simply stated)
"Soft, Moist, Tasty the mint isn't overpowering,very good."
Ms.JavaGal~ "I could smell these baking upstairs."
"I like how they taste like fudge at first. You can taste a hint of mint,but it doesn't take away from the chocolate fudge taste."
"I normally don't eat brownies because they are overly sweet, and make me nauseous. I was actually able to enjoy this brownie and not feel bad afterwards."
Lil Love~ "MMMMmmm, this is good Nina" "I like the brownie"
Mr.Java~ He admits to growing up with his mom using semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate in her brownies. So his reply was one I thought would be more interesting.
"If I was using the star rating system with 5 being the highest score. I would give this brownie a 4 1/2 stars"
Poetic~ Like I stated above I'm not a brownie eater. I was quite shocked to how soft and tasteful this brownie was. It did smell wonderful while cooking,The batter even smelled good!
I liked how ya could see the chocolate chips in the batter and they remained even after cooking them up. Most times the chips melt into the brownie mix. I personally enjoyed them.
Now for the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. I chose to make muffins over the 2 loaves of bread. Because when it comes to making breakfast I like quick things. Muffins are something ya can grab and go. Now making the mix up on this one I was in for a surprise. I didn't expect the batter to be so airy and light! It was extremely fluffy and smelled delightful. The batter reminded me of when ya make beer bread (which I no longer make because of gluten)
The muffins were so pretty when they were done. Here are the reviews on the muffins.
Mr~ "Moist, chewy, and tastful."
Ms. JavaGal~ "Looks yummy, sweet not overly lemon taste just right. I like it!"
Mr. Java~ " Moist lemon taste, Never had anything with poppyseed before, but I enjoyed it. Again 4 1/2 Stars!"
Lil Love~ "This has pepper on it, Nina" After explaining it wasn't pepper she responded with
"Hmmm, ok"
Poetic~ Now I found this muffin to remind me of sweet cornbread at first, then ya taste the lemon. I thought it made for a good breakfast muffin.
So this is the review my family gave on these two products. I suggest if ya can purchase them, to do so. I would truly make them again for my family. Plus it did satisfy my craving for brownies!

~Blackstitch Art Studio Giveaway I Won~

~Blackstitch Art Studio Giveaway I Won~
I happened upon Annette E. Padilla's You Tube channel "DomainCollective" and was in awe of her artistic skills. She happened to be having a Pay It Forward Giveaway. I gave it a shot and entered it, and I WON! I was so excited to see her work up close and personal. I will say this, She has skills!!!! I tried to take a picture of every item. The picture above was everything she sent me.
I also have to admit, I didn't open this box right away. I waited for Lil Love to wake up from her nap. She loves to help Nina open her packages. I think I made a HUGE mistake on that!
WHY? Because Lil Love claimed quite a bit of my goodies.
What Annette sent me was very generous. She sent what she showed in her video giveaway, yet she added quite a bit more.
I received the following...
A Handmade doll which was wearing a logo Blackstitch button and these awesome lil tennis shoes.
A small purse
A beanie cap decorated by her.
A felt hand which ya can mold. LOVE it for when I need an extra hand. :)
A Blackstitch Logo Cup & Frisbee.
2 pieces of her artwork ready to frame.
3 sets of Blank note cards with her artwork on the front.
A Handmade Kitty Blank Note Card.
A Snail Mail tote.
A small handmade pillow with some pins attached.
A Blackstitch sticker.
A Feather felted bird.
A Blackstitch Art Studio Zine.
The Blackstitch Doll Picture Book.
The Sad Times Gothic Poetry & Prose by Annette E. Padilla.
8 mini pieces of her Artwork.
A chickie in an eggshell ring.
4 Pins to wear.
4 Beautiful Necklaces.
A pair of Hello Kitty Earrings.
1 Clay Clown head she created.
A wrist cuff which reads "Back Off"
Lil Love claimed a couple my necklaces, ring and hat, she tried to steal my purse but I laid claim to that! lol
I didn't expect Annette to be so generous in her giveaway. She surely has a Beautiful heart. I'd like ya to take a look at her you Tube Channel and see some of what's in her studio. Please visit her blog as well. I want to take the time to thank her personally for being so generous! Annette ya made my day hun! Thanks again for ya giving heart. Lil Love and I appreciate it greatly.
~Big Hugs~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

~I Dislike Christmas~

~I Dislike Christmas~

Oh, don't be shocked I said that. I do, I dislike Christmas with a passion! I can fully relate to the Grinch and wanting Christmas to NEVER come! I've been this way since I was 7 1/2 years old. That was the Christmas that was the bestest and worst I've ever had. In my family (if ya could call it a family) We we're allowed to ask for only one big thing. All I asked Santa for was a baby doll, no name brand baby. Just a baby who needed love like me.
I've always gotten sick on Christmas Eve, Always the same thing earache, and stomach pains. I thought it came from excitement of Christmas and opening gifts the next morning. This particular Christmas I was excited, I couldn't wait to see what baby Santa sent me to lavish love on.

In our family ya didn't wake up and rush downstairs to the tree. No, we couldn't possibly be like other kids. We had to wait for our mother to call us down, then head to the kitchen to eat a huge bowl of oatmeal. UGH! We weren't allowed to get up from the table till it was all gone. Luckily we had a brother who could never have enough to eat. One by one we gave him our bowl of oatmeal. We finally got everyone in the living room to open gifts.

I remember now as if it were yesterday, the moment my father place that box in my hands. He smiled and winked at me. I knew it was my baby, it had to be cuz my father winked at me. I opened that box, and my heart soared with love for the baby within that box. She was a Vogue Doll, not that I knew what that meant back then. She was perfect! She wore a blue dress with white poka-dots. Her hair was blonde and short, and she had a fishnet over her whole face and hair. I guess it was to hold it in place. She had dimples and long lashes, white bloomers and shoes and socks. I was in awe of how pretty she was. Ya could feed her a bottle and she would wet her diapers ya put on her. I NEVER fed her real water, just a pretend bottle. I called her Ginny, didn't know that was the name on the box.

(This is the closest picture I could find of her.)

Once Ginny was in my hands I didn't care about the other gifts under the tree, I was complete in that moment. Ginny and I were constantly together except for meal times. My mother didn't believe in toys outside our rooms. When it came to being away from Ginny I always placed her in the middle of my twin bed. Her head resting on my pillow and she would wait for my return. I wanted Ginny to get used to this routine because I would be going back to school when Christmas vacation was over. Wanted her to know I would return for her. I know childish thoughts, But hey I was only 7 1/2! Back when I was in school we had a 3 week break, So I was able to to have Ginny for 2 weeks before going back to school.

The day came to where I had to go to school. I woke up early and explained to Ginny Baby what I was gonna do. Got dressed, made my bed and laid Ginny Baby on the bed in her usual spot. My room was clean, I went downstairs had breakfast and left for school. When I returned from school I was in a good mood. I was gonna tell Ginny Baby about my day. That is until I walked in the front door!

In my house when ya come in ya say hi to my mother first, That is if ya allowed to. By that I mean if ya not met with a "Come here!" When that happened ya knew instantly ya were gonna get a beating. I don't mean the easy swat on the bottom. I mean the board which was 24 inches long and bore the name of every kid. She made ya get close to her and she hitcha wherever it landed. Then she grabbed ya close to her face and screamed, cursed atcha about what all she felt ya did wrong. Then it was a firm and loud "GET!" Her finger pointing to the upstairs. Which meant ya had to go to ya room. Now all this wouldn't have been so bad if the abuse ended there, but it didn't. The fact that ya just got the hell beat outta wasn't enough for her. The offended child then had to go to their room and leave the door open till the father got home. Then ya could hear her greet him with "J GET!" Her pointing her finger to the stairs for my father to see which childs door was open so he could administer more punishment with a belt 6 inches wide.

On this particular day, I came in from school got the "Come Here" and the beating, cursing, name calling. Told to go to my room and "Clean that ---- up!" I knew immediately what she did. I made it upstairs and was greeted with EVERYTHING I owned dumped in the middle of the room. When I say everything I mean everything. All pictures, bureau draws dumped out. The mattress and bed, etc... all of it in the middle of the floor. My mother was known to do this alot! Ya were to put ya room back in order then go back to her and ask her what ya did wrong. Why? So she could have her digs atcha again. I cleaned it all up, Took me awhile but I did it. But there was something wrong, I couldn't find my Ginny Baby! I searched everywhere. Then I knew my mother must have it. I crept downstairs to face her. I said "I'm sorry Ma, can ya please tell me what I did wrong"

She grabbed me close to her face and yelled at me for having a wrinkle in my bed. My bed was completely made up, yet it has a wrinkle in it! I replied with "I'm sorry Ma, I won't do it again. Could ya please tell me where my Ginny Baby is?" I don't think I should've asked her that. She grabbed the stick and beat me again. Then grabbed me by the hair and said "She's in the trash outside, And don't even think about going to get her!" That was my punishment for having a wrinkle in the bed. To top it off my father had to complete his punishment on me when he came home. I was sent to my room to wait for it.

Ever since then I've hated Christmas! I've never had a good one. I pretend I'm happy for the familys sake. But deep down it's never been the same. I believe my Christmas Magic was taken from me that day. I know this entry seems pointless and trivial to some who read this. But when ya child who has been abused lil things matter to ya. Ya see Ginny made my world a lil brighter. I was able to tell her about all the hurts done to me. The secrets that no one knew, she kept them for me. I know She was a piece of plastic! I know she had no feelings or couldn't talk etc... To a child who lives a life of ugliness any chance to find love is important. That's why I asked Santa for a "Doll Baby who need love" I knew Ginny Baby needed me as much as I needed her. At least in my lil 7 1/2 year old mind it made sense.

As an adult I know what I thought was utter nonsense. But it hurt to know I mattered nothing to my family except to be a personal punching bag, or some sexual object for the other family members.

I know there's a reason for everything. I wonder though why did I have to lose Ginny Baby out of everything in that room.
Why, WHY did she choose Ginny Baby to take away from me?
I'll never know the answer. A part of me keeps looking for Ginny Baby, I check online all the time. No Luck so far, I'll even settle for something similar.
I just know my Christmas' have never been the same since my Ginny Baby went away.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

~I Am A Native American~

~I am a Native American~
I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I wonder what my future will bring?
I know what I want it to be.
I pretend to watch the sunset on a rocky mountain edge.
I want to live among my ancestors and be one with them again.
I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I remember the stories of how I came to be.
I worry that when I am gone no one will remember me.
I ignore the ignorance of others who keep my spirit from being free.
I feel my ancestors blood running in me.
I say to others keep alive your history.
I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I dream of life among the plains.
I see how ignorance bound us like chains.
I fear my history will fade away.
I try to remember how my ancestors would pray.
I hope I am bringing them honor each day.
I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I am She Who Wanders
© September 1999 Poetic Dreams
I was asked of I would share some of my Poetry. So I will take the time to share some of them here with you. I only ask that they remain here and not passed around without my permission. I've written poetry since I was lil and I enjoy sharing them with others when I can. My poems deal with what I was going through as a child growing up. They have a wide range of emotions from death, abuse, happiness, to plain silliness. I just want to letcha know ahead of time, some of what I share may make ya uncomfortable. I don't do this to upset anyone, I do this to enlighten ya and to share what I've endured. My poetry is a huge part of who I am as is my artwork. I would hope ya find them inspiring.
~Thanks Poetic Dreams~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~Gluten Free Dee~

My friend Dee is looking for people to spread the word about this great cause!
This is a Gluten Free Pantry for those who are in need of food, But have Celiac Disease. It's easy to just visit a food pantry and gather food there. But what if you can't eat anything which they give you? What do you do then for a meal?
What most people don't understand is people with Celiac disease can not consume breads, crackers, pasta, soups, etc...Most of which are handed out in everyday normal Food Pantries. This isn't to knock the other food pantires, Not by a long shot!
What it is about, is getting much needed food to those who require Gluten Free Products.
Please click on the link above, and gather information needed to become a part of this wonderful cause. Please contact Dee and see about starting a Gluten Free Pantry in your area. Dee is the go to gal where Gluten Free information is concerned.
I'd like you to visit this site and hopefully help her out.
Even if it's just spreading the word, That would be wonderful.

~Review of Gluten-Free Norlander's Original Sauces~

Last week I received a package containing Norlander's Original Sauces. I was quite suprised to be able to have an oportunity to try them. I haven't had Terriyaki sauce in the longest time and was excited. Now I'm the type of person who tries things in small increments. So instead of trying the Terriyaki sauce with my chicken or beef, I did something unusual.
I mixed the Terriyaki sauce with some softened cream cheese. Mixed it up and used some pretzels and crackers to try it with. Although I'm the only one in my family who can't have gluten, I had my family try it as well. Besides myself, my appointed taste tasters were...
Mr. age 48
Ms. JavaGal age 27
Lil Love age 2 1/2
Now I was quite surprised as to the opinions they gave.
Mr~ Seems a bit bland to me. Thought maybe it was missing something.
Ms.JavaGal~ "Ooohhh I like it!" She went on to say she would use this as a dip for her next party.
Lil Love~ "MMmmm Nina, I so acited" She went on to dip cracker after cracker in her dip bowl, till it was gone. In betweens bites was quite a few audiable "mmmm's".
Now I have to say I thought it was a bit on the sweet side. To me I know it's going to sound crazy but it reminded me of a caramel type dip for apples. I throughly enjoyed it.
We later had lunch, where I had a piece of plain grilled chicken. I used the Terriyaki sauce as a dip for my chicken, It was quite tasty. Now I haven't used the Mesquite one as of yet, when I do I'm sure I'll give another review.
I know Christmas is in 23 days and I'd like to offer a suggestion for ya Celiac friends. Visit the Norlander's Site here And order them and yaself some of these sauces. I also left a link above to Norlander's site where they have some recipes to try with their sauces. I recommend buying some of these sauces and trying them for yaself. I know this will surely be the sauce we buy from now on.
I'm happy to finally be able to enjoy Terriyaki sauce again.

Monday, November 30, 2009

~Pink Cupcake Arts Give Away~

Here's a chance to win some awesome lil goodies, From my friend at Pink CupCakes! Go to her blog with the link above and enter a chance to win. Just look at the picture and see some of what she'll send ya if ya happen to be the lucky winner!
Did I enter? OH YEAH!!! I'm sure Lil Love and I would have a blast with the goodies.
So go on over to her blog and enter for yaself. If she picks ya name come back and let me know so I can post the winner!
Good Luck!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

~Betty Crocker GiveAway~

I'm not sure how many people know about Celiac Disease. But let me just put it in the easiest of terms. We can't have foods that contain Wheat, Barley, Rye, and Oats are questionable. Our bodies can't handle eating and digesting them. I know when I eat these things I can be sick before the meal is even done. This disease had my life on standstill. I was no longer able to go out with my family and dine. I was always fearful
of not knowing where a restroom might be. I no longer went to church, dates with my Mr.etc... Basically I started living like a hermit. That is until I went on this Gluten Free Lifestyle. I won't say diet because people think I'm trying to lose weight.
I started this on August 6th, and have been doing better day by day. The problem with eating Gluten Free is there's a limited amount of foods we can have. That's because not many companies understand how many of us exsist. Lucky for us Betty Crocker believes in their workers being like family. They had a few employees who were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and they decided to make some products for them. I have to tell ya upfront, I'm NOT getting paid in any way shape or form for promoting them. I am however wanting YOU to go to the blog above and enter a chance to win these great tasting products!
How do I know they taste wonderful? Because my sweet Mr. seen them in the market and purchased the two cake mixes for me. Noticed I said for ME? Hmmm Well that was until my family tasted them. They don't have celiac disease. Only I do, I explained in an earlier entry about catching a parasite and it destroying my small instestines. I was so excited when Mr. brought home the cake mixes I immediately had to make one. I have to tell ya the smell was so delightful! I couldn't wait for that cake to cool to cut into it. My cake was short lived, because my family devoured it within minutes. Two helpings here, three for the boys all raving on how good it was.
My birthday is coming up in February, and I was worried I wasn't gonna be able to have my usual birthday cake. I can worry no more, my family promised to make me one!
Now I haven't tried the cookies or brownies so far but i'm sure they're just as tasty. Please go to the link above and enter to win a chance to try them. Ya can also hit ya local market on the cake isle. If ya market doesn't have them, ask them to start stocking it. The more word gets out about people suffering from celicac the more companies & stores will stock up on items for us.
Please go to the link and enter, Tell them Poe sentcha! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~
How would like ya Artsy Christmas wishes come true?
My friend Milliande is wanting to thank those of us who followed her grow as an artist, a chance to have a wish granted. It's not hard to enter, Just follow the link above and do as it says. I think it's VERY GENEROUS of her to want to pay it forward in such a beautiful way. I want everyone I know to enter this! No excuses! Ya know ya have some ARTSY WANTS, why not ask Milliande Angel to see if she can fufill them? All the information ya need is in the link above. I know it would make me feel good if one of my friends had their wishes come true! If ya happen to win I would like ya to let me know. PLEASE make Milliande and myself happy by entering this Christmas Wishlist. Ya have nothing to lose.
Whata waiting for? Quit reading this and get to making ya wishlist! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

~The Question Remains~WHO are YOU?~

~WHO are YOU?~

My friend KatieLynn, posted a really good question on her blog here...

Please take a moment to visit her, tell her Poe sentcha. And answer this question for her. ~Thanks~

So have ya ever wondered, Who ya truly are? I mean KatieLynn asked a question that I believe alot of us don't know. It's easy to say ya a Mother, Father, Friend, etc... But do ya KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Try to answer it truthfully without adding the usual typical as KatieKal (my nickname for her) Says...

"under the weight of what the world has put upon you"

WE need to decide WHO WE ARE! Don't just fall into the comfort of what others THINK you are, truly KNOW for YOURSELF! I guess my growing up the way I did, I had plenty of time to reflect on who I was.

Was I this child who was the following?...

Stupid, Unwanted, Failure, *itch, Slut, *astard child, sexually abused,Trash, and so many other names drilled into my head.

There was NO WAY I was any of those things. I didn't feel them deep inside of me. What I did feel, was never wanting anyone to ever feel like I did when those words were spoken. I knew I was a child who could use her words to build others up, not tear them down. I was a child who found her voice in Poetry, and used it to express herself. A child who could use paint,oil pastels and such to pour out her emotions, and have it reflect the beauty that would mask the ugliness of an abused childhood.

So here is WHO I AM....

I am a wandering soul who delights in making others smile.

A constant reminder to those who have suffered in childhood, That we are not our past. We can make our mark upon this earth, Shining brightly to show the way to those who follow behind us.

A voice for those who have none.

I am an Artist, A Poet, A Dreamer, A Believer, A Wisher.

I am She Who Wanders

I am Poetic Dreams

I am all of this and ever so much more!

I will continue to evolve, grow and change.

And at the end of my life,when I take my last breath upon this earth.

I will have known I was all of the BEST OF ME!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

~Moleskine Give Away Contest~

~MoleSkine Give Away Contest~
My friend Leslie over at Comfortable Shoes Studio is having a give away. All ya have to do is pop on over to her site and leave her a sweet message. Tell her Poe sentcha!
Don't worry I don't get anything special for sending ya her way. No secret prize or a special fairy knocking on my door full of art supplies. (Oh how I wish!) lol
I simply like her to know ya found her blog through my entry is all. I like being able to help friends and support them. So whata waiting for? Why are ya still reading this? Enter in this wonderful contest so ya can win some awesome Moleskine products. What better way to enjoy Christmas, then to have a package come with ya name on it and finding ya won Moleskine products?
Here's the link!

Enjoy ya day!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I made this ATC for inspiration.
Seems like I've been fighting with my body ever since I could remember. First with trying to walk correctly, to correct that I wore braces till I was 15 years old. Then I fought hard to hide bruises I received from daily beatings, and being sexually abused. I've fought kidney stones a few times, and being half deaf. What I didn't count on having to fight with my body over is living a normal life. I've been struggling since 1993 with food. No I don't have an eating disorder such as Bulimia or Anorxia, that would be too easy to solve.

What started all this? A simple trip I took with a friend to Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Don't get me wrong the trip was memorable. I am reminded every day since, how memorable that trip was. It was life changing to say the least! One day while we were on the trip we decided to take the kids to see "The Run" it's a place where they have natural spring water flowing through a section of the grounds.

It's also known for where George Washington bathed.

There's a place where ya can actually fill water jugs to take this wonderful water home with you.

It was a very hot day, and having the kids cool off in the run sounded like a good idea. What we didn't expect was an unexpected down pour of rain. Within minutes the water had risen to my knees. I decided to film the area for a momento, and showed how fast the the run had flooded. What I also didn't know was when it rains like this sewers aren't draining the water, and back up into the waters we were standing in. We had gotten the kids home and everyone showered and in clean clothes. The next day we were to venture home, Before we did we stopped off and filled up some water jugs. Can ya see where this is headed?
I brought home the water and drank it. Before long I was sick, really sick! To put it nicely, every time I ate anything I was in the restroom getting sick. Immodium was my very best friend, and
I lived this way for 10 years. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I went to the doctors, and I was told constantly it was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) no tests, just a general that's it live with it kind of diagnosis.
During this 10 year span I became more and more a recluse. Here I was a mom of three with a hubby and I wasn't living my life. I went from being a woman on the go to a woman who feared going out and being sick. Dates with Hubby became a thing of the past, as did church and other activities I enjoyed. There is nothing worse then being a wife and mama and not being a functioning one. I decided to call the doctor again, This time I demanded something be done for me. He had me go see a gastro doctor who did tests like Endoscopy & Colonoscopy. Which I found out the hard way, I'm allergic to the drink for the Colonoscopy. He also did some stool tests.
I found out immediately through the test what I've been suffering from for 10 years. I received a call from the CDC (Center For Diesease Control) They had a conversation with me for 2 hours on the phone. Asking me all kinds of questions. What was funny was the whole time I'm talking to the lady, I'm expecting these men in white suits to break in my home & take me away like in the movie.
What I ended up having was a parasite in my small intestines. This was from drinking contaminated water from Berkeley Springs West Virgina. My daughter was the one who put it all together. So for 9 months I took medicines to kill the parasites. Did this heal me? NO! the damage that was done to my small instestines is something I can't fix. Had my doctor checked further the first time, I would've had a better chance of a full healing.
Now what I have to do is live a Gluten-Free Diet. I researched this and figured this is what I now need to do to live a semi-normal life. People who have can't have gluten is because their small intestines can't digest gluten or they have damage done like me. Eating out is more difficult for me since I need to be more aware of everything I eat. Didya know licking a stamp or envelope can make me sick? Why? Because there is gluten in them. Ya won't believe where gluten hides,things like Chapsticks, Lip glosses for instance.
Going Gluten-Free is a another challenge my family and I are dealing with. The worst part of having this is the grocery bill. To buy one loaf of Gluten-Free bread costs me $6.99. that's just an example. It's been 3 weeks since I've been without Gluten, Not withstanding last night. I went to Boston Market with hubby and had their Beef Brisket. When I had checked the website it said it was Gluten-Free But I soon found out differently. Last night and most of the day I endured such pains, that I almost went to the ER. I'm feeling better now, and even better to know it was what I had eaten and can now avoid. That's the price I pay for not inspecting food ingredients better. That's just another example of what Gluten sufferers deal with. My only question to my body is "When will I quit having to fight with you?" I'm praying it's soon, because I would like to have a life fuller then what I have now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

~Mystele's Gut Art Class~

~Gut Art Class~
It's been awhile since I've made an entry, But I had to share something with ya. I've been following artist Mystele ever since I found her on YouTube. She's such a blessing to watch and to learn from. She's a VERY giving person not only of her time, but of her knowledge of art.
I once asked her if she could tell me how to make African American skin tones. Because I was at a loss on a piece I was working on. She not only told me how, SHE SHOWED ME! She actually took the time to make a video and show me how she achieves the skin tones. I was honored she took time out to help me. She proved to me to be a generous soul.
I find her to be quite honest and refreshing in her style of artwork. The reason why I'm sharing this is because Mystele is gonna teach an art class titled "Gut Art". She wants to inspire us as artists to use our own sense of style (our gut) while creating art.
Ya can join in on the class by clicking on the link to the left of my blog. I for one think ya can learn alot from her.
She's not asking ya to make the same art as she does. She wants ya to learn to depend on that inner voice that is inside each of us, as we express ourselves through art. These are not her words but mine, I just feel the need to share how I feel about her. I'm excited to expand my knowledge, to learn something I'm sure I overlook everyday. Unfortunatley I have to wait till October 1st when this class starts. So there's plenty of time for ya join in.
By the way Mystele doesn't wantcha to buy art supplies (unless ya need them) She wants ya to use whatcha have, She knows times are tough for everyone. I think it's another example of her sweet nature to think of others. So if I peaked ya interest, click on the link to the left and see what she has to offer. If ya join (Which I hope ya do) Tell her Poetic Dreams said hi!
I hope to see what ya create if ya take her class. I know I'm gonna be showing what all I've learned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

~Lil Love's Fairy Mermaid~

"Lil Love's Fairy Mermaid"
On Saturday night Lil Love and I were doing our nightly quality time. We usually play doctor, blocks, and make art before her bath & bed time. While we were playing, Lil Love asked me if I could make her a "Pretty fairy mermaid." Now this isn't just any fairy, she made her requests known. Her fairy mermaid had to have glitter, dark pink, and fishies. She was ever so polite when she asked me. She said "Please Nina" How do ya say no to such a sweet request? I couldn't.
I started working on the fairy mermaid that night. I stopped by my local art store before work on Sunday, and picked up a few needed items. I stumbled across a few things for Lil Love's picture as well. I went to work on her portrait last night after work, and by 3am I was finished. I even added an envelope on the back of the portrait so I can write a special note for Lil Love.
A part of me was worried if I did this piece justice. I mean after all this wasn't just any art work, it was for my Lil Love. When I revealed her "Fairy Mermaid" to her she was excited. Feeling thrilled as she looked it over. Pointing out each fish, the dark pink of the mermaids tail. She was happy her name was spelled out in glitter letters. She kept repeating "I like it, I like it" Made my heart feel good for making her happy. Doesn't take much to bring a smile to her face, But when ya the one who makes it light up it's extra special.
I plan on writting the special note tonight to add to her portrait. I'd like her to know what the saying "So many different things." means. I want her to know as a two year old she is an extremely bright child. How much I love her, and all the times we've created art together brought me such joy. A letter she can have to remember our time together.

Friday, July 10, 2009

~Crow Woman~

"Crow Woman"
Just wanted to touch base with everyone on how I'm progressing on my art work. This is my very first Mixed Media art done on a 6" x 12" birchwood. I haven't sealed it as of yet because I need to purchase some beeswax as well as a hot glue pot to melt it in. Lil Love is facinated with her and says "I like it, Pretty Fairy" lol she seems to think all of Nina's people are Fairies. Don't ask me why. I do collect them but she doesn't know this.
I've been working on some challenges, and I'm really feeling like I can become the artist I should've been years ago.
Funny thing is I've been bombarded with signs pointing out my need to create. I don't usually believe in horoscopes, I mainly read them for fun. But all of June I received messages such as this.
~June 28,2009~
This is a time of new beginnings, Dear Aquarius whether you are aware of it or not, You are more then ready to take on some new chalenges. You have allowed yourself to become complacent about your career. You have the ability to make a major step up, why not do so? All that is required is a bit of effort on your part. Figure out what your ideal job would be then pursue it, or, better yet, Create it!
So I've been thinking back when I was 16,(before I married Mr.) I wanted to be the following...
A Commercial Artist, Physical Therapist, Mom. Seems I've done the mom thing, I'm onto the Nina thing. I'm not really interested in being a Physical Therapist anymore. I only wanted to be one because I wore braces on my legs from the waist down. All that's left is commercial artist. I'm not interested in being in the corporate world, because I'm not into hurting others. To be honest I'm not a competitive person to where ya have to hurt others to get ahead. But, I can still be an artist! So where do I go from here?
I need to finish school for one! I want to get my transcripts from high school and do what I can to get my high school diploma. Ok, don't look shocked I said I didn't have a high school diploma.
I'll explain for ya. Ya already know I married Mr. when I was 16. I didn't actually drop out of school, it kind of came around by accident. I was pregnant with my son and endured kidney stones when I was 6 months pregnant. I was hospitalized for almost 3 weeks, too which they threatened to do surgery if I didn't pass them. My main focus wasn't school at this point but to make sure I delivered a healthy baby. I won't go into major details, but will say my husband was told it was me or the baby.
I became and a mom and did what most moms do and that's put myself last on the list. Most of the times I never made it on the list. Life has a way of progressing faster then we all would like. My children all received their diplomas, and my heart soared with pride for accomplishing what my heart so long for. With getting my transcripts I can finish my education with a DIPLOMA not a GED. No offense to those who have a GED. But I want to get what I should've gotten years ago. Yes, it's gonna cost me more money to do it. But in the end I'll have my diploma. From there I can take some college art courses.
I made a 101 in 1001 Days List and this is on my list to do. I started it on October 13th, 2008. I need to finish it by July 11th,2011, Getting my transcripts will be one thing I can take off the list. I will admit I did pretty good on my list.
I have been working with a medium, that I want to perfect before I show my work. So far it's going pretty good. I'll share it once I get feedback on the project. I have ya curiosty peeked huh? lol I'l keep ya informed as the project progresses. Been working 10 hour days, 6 days a week. So most of the time I come home and crash. Have to finish up a few more challenges for my art groups. I'm learning so much from them and I feel blessed. I wouldn't have attempted to even try "Crow Woman" if it weren't for Mystele, Willowing & Gary. They give me the courage to explore "What if" In the famous words of Mystele
"You can't control everything you just have to let go."
With that I've been letting go. Letting go the negative remarks & my hesitations of making my art perfect. It's freeing, really freeing. I just want to thanks Mystele for those words. She has no idea how much they've opened my eyes to my art.
Thanks Mystele hun! I so love ya, for being my inspiration!
I'm off to make art!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Where The Wild Things Are~

~Where The Wild Things Are~

Life certainly has been wild for me lately. Not being able to be online working on my blog, Ning Groups, and such has me frazzled. Working 10 hour days, 6 days a week has me drained by the time I get home it's all I can do to shower & sleep.

I've been keeping up with making art and I feel like I'm coming into my own. I've been trying some new techniques, and it's been amazing to see the results of my efforts. What I'm doing right now, behind the scenes is playing with a new texture technique for backgrounds. What I've created so far has somewhat impressed me.When I have this technique perfected I'll gladly share it. I will say this it's an unusal media element I'm using.
What I see other artist create has my mind spinning.

Funny thing about my art recently is every where I turn I'm seeing signs that I may have to change my career and pursue more of my art, like I had planned when I was younger. I don't usually take horoscopes to heart, basically I read them for fun. The whole month of June I've been inadated with words of encouragement about my art. At first I thought it was just in my head, but reading them outloud to others has confirmed I should look into making my art my career more then just what I do to keep my sanity.

Not sure how I'll go about it, Don't want to just jump into something and find out later I wasn't happy doing what I'm doing. I opened an Etsy shop because I had to purchase something for a friend. So now I'm thinking on what to do with it. As of right now it's empty, I have no intentions of just filling it with junk. I want it to represent my heart when I do place items there. My daughter suggested I sell my quilts as well as my art work. She said quilts were art too. I tend to agree with her on that point.
Lately I've been working on the Challenges that Gary Reef & Willowing & Millande have been posting. Ya can find their Ning sites located at the bottom of my blog.
Feel free to join in on the fun. I can say this I've learned so much about various artists through Gary. He's an amazing guy whose talents go unnoticed. Our latest Challenge was Rauschenberg, I have made two pieces since then. In fact I've been looking at trash in a whole new light. Here are the two pieces I've done for Gary.


~Rauschenberg 2 Home Sweet Home~
The items I used on Rauschenberg 2 are items from Mama & Grandma. The buttons,Needle treader, Buckle, Rick-Rack,Button. I named it Home Sweet Home after Mama & Grandma. Makes for a good memory piece. Mr. bought himself a new bible today and I swiped the box it came in. He said "I suppose that's for ya lateste art work?" I smiled and said "Most certaintly!" So ya see my mind is all about Rauschenberg and recycling.
I have to admit my mind was already on recycling thanks to Mystele She's a wonderful artist who shares her heart and soul with others. She was the one who first introduced me to recycling cardboard for canvas. It's always available when ya feel the urge to create and ya have no canvas. Here's one piece I made using cardboard.
It's called Cupid Love.

Lil Love is even using the recycled cardboard for her art work. When ever she sees me working on my art she asks "Make Art Nina?" How do ya say no to that? I surely don't, because she's an artist in training.
I am in the middle of working on a few more challenges from Bonnie Rose on Gary Reefs ning site. She's another awesome artist I've found. In fact I have some good news! I did last months Challenges "Green Man" & "Father Time" Here are my entries
I didn't have time to make the "Musical Faires"
I did get a chance to have her add my name to a drawing she was doing. The winner would receive her Painted "Green Man" What shocked me was I won! I was so excited!!!! I usually don't win things. But when I do I get over excited about it. Will post a pic of my art when it arrives.
The above art work, Where The Wild Things Are is a Challenge from Willowings Ning Site. It was a challenge on our favorite Fairy Tales. I'm excited they're making it into a movie, I hope they do it justice. I already own the DVD book version.
I want to wish everyone a beautiful night.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

~Why & Where~

~Why & Where~
I've been through alot this past month. More then I think any human being has the right to endure.I won't go into every thing, but I will give ya the highlights. As most of ya who read me know I do my best not to name, names. I do it, not because I'm scared to divulge the players in my life or in situations. I do it mainly for myself no other reason.
I want to first ask ya to MAJORLY pray for my Mr. He's been in the hospital with pancreatitus. The doctor says this can possibly kill him. They have no clue how long he will remain in the hospital. He's in major pain,so much so they have him on a pain pump. He can get the pain meds without waiting on a nurse. They can't seem to get his pancreas to calm down nor do they know what caused it to flair up. The doctor says right now the pancreas is eating itself. Which means instead of digesting food it's digesting itself. Ya need ya pancreas to take toxins out of ya system when ya eat. It helps to break down the food ya absorb. The doctor is afraid he will get an infection so they want to give him antibiotics. He's on two IV bags to keep the fluids going since hes not eaten or drank anything since he's been in there.
Mr. has NEVER been in the hospital the whole 28 1/2 years we've been married. I'm usually the one in there with births or kidney stones. Even when he was hit head on by a drunk driver he was released to go home. So I have many worries, especially when Mr.recognized his doctor as the one who took care of Mama in her final days at the same hospital. This was his way of letting me know he doesn't feel good about his situation. He keeps telling me he loves me,misses me. I am not used to him being away from me like this. I also don't like to see him so helpless and in pain. I'm at a loss as to how to help him.
Then there's my car, Hmmm how do I explain this? It floods! Oh not floods like I did it, I mean floods like Noah's Ark. But instead of the waters rising on the outside of the car it's flooding on the inside. Have NO CLUE where it's coming from. Which means if it rains which it has been doing ALOT lately, I need to suck out all the water before I can drive her. I can't believe Faith is doing this to me. I start work next week which means 6 days a week, I will be working 10 hour days. I need Faith to control her bladder at least till September. I'm praying she'll stop allowing the water to come inside.
Then to top this ALL off! I'm dealing with some malicious people. Ya know I belong to a few Ning groups. I posted them and talked about them on my blog here. I believe when ya join any group ya should try and participate as much as possible. I do my best to participate in chats,challenges and the like. What has been happening with this one particular person is uncalled for and mostly unprofessional as an artist. Not to mention distasteful in the way people are being treated. I wasn't blind to what was going on around me, I was trying to give the person the benefit of the doubt because that's my nature. But as my last entry states, If ya keep going through a situation over & over again maybe it's you. Well this person fails to see that they need to change how they go about their art and friendships.
Am I being too vague? Ok, here's the situation...
I joined a ning group with the hopes of making friends and learning about art. This one particular Ning group was where I met some awesome ladies. I'm still friends with today. I know people believe ya can't make online friends like ya do in person. I tend to think otherwise. To me ya share what's in ya heart and on ya mind, and ya grow just the same. The difference is ya just don't meet face to face. Especially if ya friends live in Canada, UK,or other long distance places. With these ladies and the Ning leader they were asked specifically to start up a new Ning group. The idea was to have all the Ning Leaders NON-ART groups moved to this new Ning site and that the other Ning site would be for ART-CLASSES ONLY. Two of my friends worked VERY HARD to see this happen. When the Leader was asked to check the site out and for feedback as to what they thought. The leader couldn't be bothered, Too busy doing other things that interested them. So these two ladies continued to see the vision to completion. Without any prior warning the Ning Leader decided they didn't want to continue with the new Ning.Claims the vision they gave us wasn't what they meant at all,when six other people clearly heard the same thing. It was in fact that the leader wanted total control over the new Ning, even though the domain name that was purchased by one of the ladies. The leader didn't want to share the limelight with others as equals. Nor did they want others to know that they didn't put as much effort into the new Ning as the two ladies did. So walking away from the project is what the leader wanted. People seem to believe it was shut down because we couldn't use the Ning Leaders name, as was stated to others by this Ning leader. Nothing could be further from the truth. The leader changed the vision and because of all the work done already on the Ning site it wasn't possible to change midstream.The two ladies tried in vain to get information from this Ning Leader as to what it is they wanted. It was met with resistance and degrading comments. In the end it was thought best to lay the new Ning to rest, then to have it fail with members being disappointed later. Believe me it wasn't it easy decision,especially with all the positive feedback we received. We all felt the Ning would have met with great success, but the Ning Leader had already started her campaign to let everyone know she had no part in this particular Ning group starting. That we were just riding her coattails using her name for our benefit. Trust me we didn't need this Ning leader to make the group successful. Especially when none of her work was even on the site when the positive feedback was given.
There was a discussion on MSN chat, one of many since Ning Chat was changed and didn't work properly. This is how people were excluded as to the goings on except from the leaders point of view. No one knew the degrading comments made about them behind their back. How they were called annoying,whiney,clingy,a pain in the rear (not that word but ya get the point) and so on. It was made to look like We were the new click, even though this leader claims they didn't and still doesn't want clicks. This leader is the epitome of making clicks and outting others so to deflect it from them. This is the pattern which has gone on long before I came into the Ning group. The leader seeks out people who have a vast knowledge of working and operating websites. The leader persuades them to set up the Ning group or whatever website it is they need at the time. Promises of art as an exchange for their hard work,which go unfufilled. All the work is done but no art ever makes it to the person.
The leader also seeks out people who have a vast array of ideas. The leader befriends them, seeks out their ideas and then uses them as their own. Most of this Ning leaders groups are from the conversations I and others had with this leader. I can go on and on about they were but it's futile, People will believe what they want to believe. Why did I bring this up? Because as of lately things have gotten far worse then I expected them to have gotten. People are being made to look like they are out to destroy this leader. When in fact all they were doing was bringing to light what should have been done a long time ago. Also people are being banned from the Ning group after paying for a class. If people object to this leaders ideas or opinions they are considered an enemy. The leader makes a point of sharing to the world of how they're being unfairly attacked and they feign hurt and dismay at the injustice of it all. Especially with all they've claimed to have done for those who are supposedly attacking them. The leader does this to gain sympathy and new followers. Then these people seek out the offenders and attack and harrass them on behalf of the Ning Leader. Thinking they know all of what has transpired, when in fact they have only a one sided view.
If people are made aware that all isn't what it appears to be they can make a more informed decision as to whether or not to pay out money for classes, books, etc.. Especially with the economy being the way it is, people are watching their pennies. No one needs to spend money on a book to follow with this leader only to have the group leader lose interest and move on to something else. No one says ya don't have the right to change ya mind. But when people spend their hard earned money on something ya suggested then complete the course. If ya find ya didn't like it then don't offer it again. I know I personally purchased three books which NEVER made it to completion. One was started by one person the Ning leader thought could do it, since the leader had other plans.The Ning leader talked it up to everyone to get them to join in. When the person leading the group was dismissed because they were no longer in the Ning Leaders click.The Ning Leader took over, that last a whole two weeks. Yeah, prime example of a flighty personality. That's just an example of what I endured.
What makes me upset is how people who haven't a clue as to the whole situation, can judge others on what this Ning Leader feeds them. That makes ya a follower being led blindly like a sheep to the slaughter. Why not seek the people out and ask them personally what happened? Why do ya insist on insulting and harrassing the other person?
I love when people post a blog using my Native American heritage sayings to make a point, yet the don't take the it to heart. If ya claim to love ya heritage and ya make claims to this is how ya live, then follow through.
Here's some Native American quotes ya should really learn from!
"A chief must not seek profit for himself."
~Sweet Medicine~ (Cheyenne)
"Each man is good in His sight. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows."
~Hunkesni (Sitting Bull), Hunkpapa Sioux~
"You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep."
~Native Proverb~
"Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf."
~Native American Proverb~
I have no respect for those who purposely go out of their way to harm others as was done to me. Ya make yaself known as deceiteful and no friend at all. I've made it known from the beginning I'm a person who takes friendship seriously. I don't go out of my way to hurt others because it I don't want it done to me. I had people claim to be my friend only to report my life back to this Ning Leader. I was met with being banned from her group. No loss to me, I move on freely. What I didn't appreciate was being accused of talking to someone I have no knowledge of, or spoke to. If ya want to ban me from ya group make it a legitimate reason. Not because I posted a Ebay link on my personal twitter that YOU YASELF don't follow. Which meant someone sentcha my twitter. Don't have to guess who it was, I already was told by the leader who gave it up. No suprise this person still is a sheep and follows blindly. By the way the Ebay link was my way of PURPOSELY Seeking the Sheep out! Way to go for taking the bait. And thanks for deleting yaself from my life. I don't need fake people in my world. I want people who are supportive and honest. I didn't appreciate that all this happened at a time I should be focusing on my Mr's recovery. I even told the Ning Leader I was dealing with Mr. in the hospital, this was ignored as they went on to defend how much they were wronged by this person and that. And I should pass they're message onto the following people. No where in the letter did it have any direct connection to me. Just the leaders way of passing the buck as usual.
I'm gonna leave this as is. I lose nothing by being banned from this Ning, I in fact welcome the changes. I am a stronger person for knowing I am above the high schoolers, who pretend to be adults. Don't bother to worry if the Ning Leader knows of this post they were informed I was gonna be writting it. But if ya have to feel special, PLEASE feel free to let ya classmates know it's here. I'm not hiding, I'm here and this blog will remain here as well.
I will leave the following link so ya may on ya own, futher seek knowledge as to whether or not ya chose to spend ya money on this particular Ning. It will also give ya information as to what steps ya can take if ya were a paying member to classes which were not completed.
I have some wonderful Ning Groups I belong to, which are drama free and so friendly and there's no fee to join!
Check them out as well.

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~There Is A Solution~

~There Is A Solution~
I borrowed this quote from
"One has to wonder. If a certain element continues to surround you.

Perhaps you are the one inviting it in."
She had posted it on Twitter, and it really said what I've been thinking lately.
It seems to me that a couple of my friends keep "revisiting" a certain situation in their lives. When I, or others try to speak into their life about how they can move on and grow they turn a deaf ear. It's like they live to be the victim in any given circumstance so they can broadcast it for sympathy.What they don't do is tell what part they played in the situation.
I do believe some ill can befall us from time to time. But to have the SAME situation every time is hard to fathom. Just because the players change, doesn't mean it's a new dilemma to deal with. It's God's way of showing ya how YOU Need to change.
I know I'm speaking vaguely here, but that's because it can be used on any given situation.
You can't tell people one thing and then try and go back on it when ya feel out of sorts. You can't pretend to have friends in ya life and that they matter then toss them aside when ya think someone better comes along. Nor can ya expect the people ya tossed aside sit idly by without confronting ya on it. Nor expect them to keep supporting ya, and ya wants when ya don't give two cents for their feelings,wants, or desires.
Ya can't keep using people to profit from their ideas and use them as ya own. What ya fail to see is people will eventually find ya out. People tend to chat about what goes on in their lives and ya name will appear and situations spoke of. So if ya think ya think ya can continue to live ya life like this, DO NOT Be surprised that people will find ya dishonorable, shady, selfish and a user. Because in the end ya reap whatcha sow.
There is a solution...
Why not be a person of principal rather then a person without integrity?
Martin Luther King Jr. & Abraham Lincoln have sound advice on life.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." ~Abraham Lincoln
When I think on these two quotes from such wonderful leaders. I am reminded to be a woman of honor and have respect for others. I will allow others to make mistakes with me. I will allow them a second chance. What I will NOT allow is for ANYONE to make me feel like I am using them for personal gain. I have no desire to use others for anything. I am a woman who will give anyone the shirt of my back, or my last dollar if it means their happiness. But I will not allow anyone to suck the life out of my happiness so they can look good in the eyes of others. I do have a huge heart and love to see others happy and successful. I don't have any desire to be thrust in the limelight. I am a behind the scenes kind of gal. If I could make my friends dreams comes true, or bring a smile to their face I will do it. But I will do it with honor and integrity.
I just want the same respect from those I know. Is this too much to ask?
I think not.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~Birds Eye View~

~Birds Eye View~
It's been sometime since I've written, Although I feel the need to apologize for not writting. I won't. I will however apologize to ya, my readers for keeping ya in suspense of what is going on with me. I will warn ya it's not very exciting.
I explained how I my room was in major need of unpacking. Don't get excited for me, I didn't get it done. I'm still sleeping in my tub. lol
I am however in good shape where my room is concerned. I took 3 HUGE boxes of files out of my room and brought them downstairs. I have been going through each box and getting rid of old paperwork I no longer need.
Mind ya all this paperwork is NOT mine alone. I had to keep the kids & hubbys papers. I had a file on each of the kids from the time they were born, till they left home. Each file consisted of some school papers which they were proud of. TONS of Certificates and ribbons from various achievements, Doctor records and such.
The fun was sitting through each file on each child, and remembering the moments. I want to take them and put them into their baby books with their photos.This way they can have them all in one place, and not a tons of boxes. I trashed quite a bit of non essential papers.
I have one box left to go through, Now I will admit It's all mine! Ya see, I toldya I was a Jane of all trades. I do various crafts and I'm pretty good at them. What this one box holds is Quilt Patterns. I know I hang my head in shame. lol I quit quilting in 2005 when I injured my ankle,and had major surgery. I do plan on going back to it, but I'm going to down size my quilting. I haven't bought any fabric since 2003. My goal was to use up what I had. God knows ya can shop at my house if ya need fabric. lol
My goal when I am done with all the quilting patterns, is to keep the ones I've already made a quilt on. Then place the pattern with the photo of the completed quilt so I have a permanent record of it. I will also keep some patterns of ones I'd like to make. When my room is settled I will mark the calendar and if I haven't quilted in 6 months I will go through those patterns and discard accordingly. I do have some patterns I may try to sell, we'll see.
I've been a busy gal trying to work on my art. Haven't done it the past few nights just from sheer exhaustion. My son turned 28 this month and my Lil Love turned two! Where does time go? Why can't we stop time when we want to? I would like time to stop so I can finish my room then it can move on. That would be cool.
Lil Love had a wonderful birthday. All she wanted was "Papa, Da to make hot dog and Amburger and pickles" This was the response we got when Ma asked her what she would like for her birthday. Funny thing is we did a BBQ party for her first birthday. I wonder if she remembered? It's funny what she comes up with. We had a Lil baby named Bailey come over, Lil Love was so gentle with her. She shared toys with her, Lil Love kept bringing toys to her Ma & Da and say "For Baby" How cute is that? I told my daughter that No two year old I know ever shares, That Lil Love has a huge heart.
Papa took Lil Love and the family out for her "pancakes" He does this every Saturday morning and Lil Love enjoys it immensely. When they left to come home Da took Lil Love to go pick out her plates for the party. She chose her favorite Curious George. She then found a lil stuffed Curious George and picked him off the shelf and hugged him. She then placed him back on the shelf after she showed Ma & Da. She started to walk away when her Da told her she could have him. Lil Love ran backed to him and hugged him tight and kissed him. She thanked her Ma & Da. When they told me this story I told them NO two year old EVER does that. Ya usually the one to take the item and put it back while they scream. Lol
Lil Love received a lot of crayons and she was quite happy with them. She kept saying "Nina color me" when she opened them. She also received some pool toys and two Elmos, one Papa got it's Up Up Elmo and one that is Elmo Live. She even got a Curious George which is like a glow worm doll, She loved him.
The above picture is one made with Oil Pastels. I was playing around with them one night and that's what showed up. I like it, I like how the birds are colorful and there's no denying them in the picture.I have the moon shining through a tree branch and a bird in a nest. Love it! lol I know ya not supposed to be impressed with ya own work but I was happy with this piece.
I'm gonna be doing Gary Reefs 30 day Challenge starting May 1st. I need to create art for 30 days straight. Nothing fancy, Nothing demanded from me, Not themes or certain mediums. Just art! Easy enough for me. I will try and share most of them with ya.

Monday, April 13, 2009

~Woven Water Turtle~

~Woven Water Turtle~

I am excited to share this art piece with ya. This is a piece of trash! Ok, Don't make that face! I know ya sitting there looking at the picture and saying "What is she thinking? This is a cute picture" Well I'll explain, on April 10th I was trying to work on my art, the trouble was I had a migraine. Usually my art relaxes me, I pulled out my oil pastels and started to work on a Challenge piece for one of my groups. I totally messed it up, Yes, it was a total mess there was no salvaging it for the Challenge.

As many of ya know I'm a firm believer in waste not,want not. The old motto "Use it up,Wear it out, Make it do or do without" That's how my Da was when I was a child.
My decision was to not make any art that night. I placed this piece away as a journal background for an entry one day. Well last night I worked on a small piece for a friend of mine Robin. Yes, Yes, I'm gonna show ya that one too. I can't have ya thinking I don't share, now can I? lol

~Lil Lucy~

I made Lucy's dress using an envelope from a card, that my friend Robin sent me. Lucy is my nickname and since I had already made a "Regal Robin" to send her, I just thought I'd make her one named after me. Here is "Regal Robin"

~Regal Robin~
The idea to upcycle/recycle the envelopes was easy to make when I received the cards in the mail. I had been wanting to send her a surprise and it was simple when I seen the patterns of the envelopes. I just sent them off today so I can't wait to hear how she liked them. I'll letcha know.
As for the "Woven Water Turtle" It took me an hour to make Lil Lucy and I wasn't tired enough to sleep. I went through my art pieces and seen the "Trash background" I looked at it and decided to cut it into strips. Different sizes but cut them I did. As I was cutting I remembered how I used to make woven art when I was younger. I wasn't allowed to play outside when I was lil because I wore leg braces from the hips down. My mother was afraid I would get hurt, So ya learn to be quite inventive to amuse yaself.
I wove the pieces and glued them to another sheet of paper. When I was done I noticed a turtle looking at me. Not just any turtle but a Sea Turtle. So I brought him out for all to see. I have to say he's quite cute.
That's how I turned my trash into art. How to recycle/upcycle a mistake. I know it would have been easier to just gesso the piece and be done with it to start over. But I'm happy I set this piece aside and that my Turtle came into being because I chose to wait.