Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~Gluten Free Dee~

My friend Dee is looking for people to spread the word about this great cause!
This is a Gluten Free Pantry for those who are in need of food, But have Celiac Disease. It's easy to just visit a food pantry and gather food there. But what if you can't eat anything which they give you? What do you do then for a meal?
What most people don't understand is people with Celiac disease can not consume breads, crackers, pasta, soups, etc...Most of which are handed out in everyday normal Food Pantries. This isn't to knock the other food pantires, Not by a long shot!
What it is about, is getting much needed food to those who require Gluten Free Products.
Please click on the link above, and gather information needed to become a part of this wonderful cause. Please contact Dee and see about starting a Gluten Free Pantry in your area. Dee is the go to gal where Gluten Free information is concerned.
I'd like you to visit this site and hopefully help her out.
Even if it's just spreading the word, That would be wonderful.


Dee said...

Thanks lovely lady for helping spread the word! You are a blessin to many!

Gluten Free Dee
Dee Valdez

Karin Bartimole said...

What a great thing! Thank you for sharing the info and helping to enlighten others.

Dee said...

Miss you my lovely friend! How are you doing?