Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~Review of Gluten-Free Norlander's Original Sauces~

Last week I received a package containing Norlander's Original Sauces. I was quite suprised to be able to have an oportunity to try them. I haven't had Terriyaki sauce in the longest time and was excited. Now I'm the type of person who tries things in small increments. So instead of trying the Terriyaki sauce with my chicken or beef, I did something unusual.
I mixed the Terriyaki sauce with some softened cream cheese. Mixed it up and used some pretzels and crackers to try it with. Although I'm the only one in my family who can't have gluten, I had my family try it as well. Besides myself, my appointed taste tasters were...
Mr. age 48
Ms. JavaGal age 27
Lil Love age 2 1/2
Now I was quite surprised as to the opinions they gave.
Mr~ Seems a bit bland to me. Thought maybe it was missing something.
Ms.JavaGal~ "Ooohhh I like it!" She went on to say she would use this as a dip for her next party.
Lil Love~ "MMmmm Nina, I so acited" She went on to dip cracker after cracker in her dip bowl, till it was gone. In betweens bites was quite a few audiable "mmmm's".
Now I have to say I thought it was a bit on the sweet side. To me I know it's going to sound crazy but it reminded me of a caramel type dip for apples. I throughly enjoyed it.
We later had lunch, where I had a piece of plain grilled chicken. I used the Terriyaki sauce as a dip for my chicken, It was quite tasty. Now I haven't used the Mesquite one as of yet, when I do I'm sure I'll give another review.
I know Christmas is in 23 days and I'd like to offer a suggestion for ya Celiac friends. Visit the Norlander's Site here And order them and yaself some of these sauces. I also left a link above to Norlander's site where they have some recipes to try with their sauces. I recommend buying some of these sauces and trying them for yaself. I know this will surely be the sauce we buy from now on.
I'm happy to finally be able to enjoy Terriyaki sauce again.

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Dee said...

Great to hear the different perspectives! Appreciate the suggestions on different uses.

Gluten Free Dee