Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~WishCasting Wednesday~Fun

Wishcasting Wednesday~What Fun Do You Wish To Have?
I've always said "I'm a female version of Peter Pan", Never wanting to fully grow up always wanting to have fun. I'm a believer that life is too short to be stressed out by the day to day responsibilites we have forced upon us. I try to fit in laughter and a good time wherever possible.
My wish to have fun is being able to create more art. Right now working non-stop till September (no days off) 6th is putting a damper on my creating art the way I'd wish to. Working the pool does have it's advantages. I can have fun with my family and make wonderful memories.
I wish to be able to create fun by remembering what brings me joy and makes my spirit soar. From cloud watching, to splashing in the pool. I will create fun wherever I am. Who knows tomorrow I just might blow bubbles or make funny faces at the car next to me. Mind ya I'll be at a red light when I do this. lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday~ Nourish

Wishcasting Wednesday~Nourish~
What do you want to nurish?
This is a good question. All my life I've catered to others needs. I've finally gotten to a place in my life where I need to nurish myself. To focus on my hearts desires. To see that my health is top notch, (which it hasn't been for years due to a parasite) I think to answer this question I would definately say "I want to nurish my health!"
No one can understand (unless they've been through it themselves) the frustrations that come with not being able to just get up and leave ya home any given moment. To just spur of the moment say "Hey, I'd like to take a road trip or go to the mall" Making a simple doctors appointment can be a huge ordeal for me. I have to PLAN EVERYTHING I do. It's hard to live a life which revolves around being sick. I know I've tried everything to be normal again and it hasn't worked.
I have anxiety from it and that only makes it worse. I plan on making an appointment with the doctors to see about getting something for my anxiety, and hopefully this will help. I'm this desperate because I'm not a medicine person. I don't even take my asthma medicine unless I have to! I know my family gets tired of hearing me say "I'm not feeling good" It keeps me from living a fufilled life.
For this Wish I'm wishing to nurish my health and all that entails. Anything to live again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~Wishcasting Wednesday~

What leap do you wish take?
I wish to leap into my creative soul.
Find the artist within and let her emerge for all the world to see.