Monday, November 30, 2009

~Pink Cupcake Arts Give Away~

Here's a chance to win some awesome lil goodies, From my friend at Pink CupCakes! Go to her blog with the link above and enter a chance to win. Just look at the picture and see some of what she'll send ya if ya happen to be the lucky winner!
Did I enter? OH YEAH!!! I'm sure Lil Love and I would have a blast with the goodies.
So go on over to her blog and enter for yaself. If she picks ya name come back and let me know so I can post the winner!
Good Luck!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

~Betty Crocker GiveAway~

I'm not sure how many people know about Celiac Disease. But let me just put it in the easiest of terms. We can't have foods that contain Wheat, Barley, Rye, and Oats are questionable. Our bodies can't handle eating and digesting them. I know when I eat these things I can be sick before the meal is even done. This disease had my life on standstill. I was no longer able to go out with my family and dine. I was always fearful
of not knowing where a restroom might be. I no longer went to church, dates with my Mr.etc... Basically I started living like a hermit. That is until I went on this Gluten Free Lifestyle. I won't say diet because people think I'm trying to lose weight.
I started this on August 6th, and have been doing better day by day. The problem with eating Gluten Free is there's a limited amount of foods we can have. That's because not many companies understand how many of us exsist. Lucky for us Betty Crocker believes in their workers being like family. They had a few employees who were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and they decided to make some products for them. I have to tell ya upfront, I'm NOT getting paid in any way shape or form for promoting them. I am however wanting YOU to go to the blog above and enter a chance to win these great tasting products!
How do I know they taste wonderful? Because my sweet Mr. seen them in the market and purchased the two cake mixes for me. Noticed I said for ME? Hmmm Well that was until my family tasted them. They don't have celiac disease. Only I do, I explained in an earlier entry about catching a parasite and it destroying my small instestines. I was so excited when Mr. brought home the cake mixes I immediately had to make one. I have to tell ya the smell was so delightful! I couldn't wait for that cake to cool to cut into it. My cake was short lived, because my family devoured it within minutes. Two helpings here, three for the boys all raving on how good it was.
My birthday is coming up in February, and I was worried I wasn't gonna be able to have my usual birthday cake. I can worry no more, my family promised to make me one!
Now I haven't tried the cookies or brownies so far but i'm sure they're just as tasty. Please go to the link above and enter to win a chance to try them. Ya can also hit ya local market on the cake isle. If ya market doesn't have them, ask them to start stocking it. The more word gets out about people suffering from celicac the more companies & stores will stock up on items for us.
Please go to the link and enter, Tell them Poe sentcha! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~
How would like ya Artsy Christmas wishes come true?
My friend Milliande is wanting to thank those of us who followed her grow as an artist, a chance to have a wish granted. It's not hard to enter, Just follow the link above and do as it says. I think it's VERY GENEROUS of her to want to pay it forward in such a beautiful way. I want everyone I know to enter this! No excuses! Ya know ya have some ARTSY WANTS, why not ask Milliande Angel to see if she can fufill them? All the information ya need is in the link above. I know it would make me feel good if one of my friends had their wishes come true! If ya happen to win I would like ya to let me know. PLEASE make Milliande and myself happy by entering this Christmas Wishlist. Ya have nothing to lose.
Whata waiting for? Quit reading this and get to making ya wishlist! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

~The Question Remains~WHO are YOU?~

~WHO are YOU?~

My friend KatieLynn, posted a really good question on her blog here...

Please take a moment to visit her, tell her Poe sentcha. And answer this question for her. ~Thanks~

So have ya ever wondered, Who ya truly are? I mean KatieLynn asked a question that I believe alot of us don't know. It's easy to say ya a Mother, Father, Friend, etc... But do ya KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Try to answer it truthfully without adding the usual typical as KatieKal (my nickname for her) Says...

"under the weight of what the world has put upon you"

WE need to decide WHO WE ARE! Don't just fall into the comfort of what others THINK you are, truly KNOW for YOURSELF! I guess my growing up the way I did, I had plenty of time to reflect on who I was.

Was I this child who was the following?...

Stupid, Unwanted, Failure, *itch, Slut, *astard child, sexually abused,Trash, and so many other names drilled into my head.

There was NO WAY I was any of those things. I didn't feel them deep inside of me. What I did feel, was never wanting anyone to ever feel like I did when those words were spoken. I knew I was a child who could use her words to build others up, not tear them down. I was a child who found her voice in Poetry, and used it to express herself. A child who could use paint,oil pastels and such to pour out her emotions, and have it reflect the beauty that would mask the ugliness of an abused childhood.

So here is WHO I AM....

I am a wandering soul who delights in making others smile.

A constant reminder to those who have suffered in childhood, That we are not our past. We can make our mark upon this earth, Shining brightly to show the way to those who follow behind us.

A voice for those who have none.

I am an Artist, A Poet, A Dreamer, A Believer, A Wisher.

I am She Who Wanders

I am Poetic Dreams

I am all of this and ever so much more!

I will continue to evolve, grow and change.

And at the end of my life,when I take my last breath upon this earth.

I will have known I was all of the BEST OF ME!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

~Moleskine Give Away Contest~

~MoleSkine Give Away Contest~
My friend Leslie over at Comfortable Shoes Studio is having a give away. All ya have to do is pop on over to her site and leave her a sweet message. Tell her Poe sentcha!
Don't worry I don't get anything special for sending ya her way. No secret prize or a special fairy knocking on my door full of art supplies. (Oh how I wish!) lol
I simply like her to know ya found her blog through my entry is all. I like being able to help friends and support them. So whata waiting for? Why are ya still reading this? Enter in this wonderful contest so ya can win some awesome Moleskine products. What better way to enjoy Christmas, then to have a package come with ya name on it and finding ya won Moleskine products?
Here's the link!

Enjoy ya day!