Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~

~Making Christmas Wishes Come True~
How would like ya Artsy Christmas wishes come true?
My friend Milliande is wanting to thank those of us who followed her grow as an artist, a chance to have a wish granted. It's not hard to enter, Just follow the link above and do as it says. I think it's VERY GENEROUS of her to want to pay it forward in such a beautiful way. I want everyone I know to enter this! No excuses! Ya know ya have some ARTSY WANTS, why not ask Milliande Angel to see if she can fufill them? All the information ya need is in the link above. I know it would make me feel good if one of my friends had their wishes come true! If ya happen to win I would like ya to let me know. PLEASE make Milliande and myself happy by entering this Christmas Wishlist. Ya have nothing to lose.
Whata waiting for? Quit reading this and get to making ya wishlist! :)

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