Saturday, November 21, 2009

~The Question Remains~WHO are YOU?~

~WHO are YOU?~

My friend KatieLynn, posted a really good question on her blog here...

Please take a moment to visit her, tell her Poe sentcha. And answer this question for her. ~Thanks~

So have ya ever wondered, Who ya truly are? I mean KatieLynn asked a question that I believe alot of us don't know. It's easy to say ya a Mother, Father, Friend, etc... But do ya KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Try to answer it truthfully without adding the usual typical as KatieKal (my nickname for her) Says...

"under the weight of what the world has put upon you"

WE need to decide WHO WE ARE! Don't just fall into the comfort of what others THINK you are, truly KNOW for YOURSELF! I guess my growing up the way I did, I had plenty of time to reflect on who I was.

Was I this child who was the following?...

Stupid, Unwanted, Failure, *itch, Slut, *astard child, sexually abused,Trash, and so many other names drilled into my head.

There was NO WAY I was any of those things. I didn't feel them deep inside of me. What I did feel, was never wanting anyone to ever feel like I did when those words were spoken. I knew I was a child who could use her words to build others up, not tear them down. I was a child who found her voice in Poetry, and used it to express herself. A child who could use paint,oil pastels and such to pour out her emotions, and have it reflect the beauty that would mask the ugliness of an abused childhood.

So here is WHO I AM....

I am a wandering soul who delights in making others smile.

A constant reminder to those who have suffered in childhood, That we are not our past. We can make our mark upon this earth, Shining brightly to show the way to those who follow behind us.

A voice for those who have none.

I am an Artist, A Poet, A Dreamer, A Believer, A Wisher.

I am She Who Wanders

I am Poetic Dreams

I am all of this and ever so much more!

I will continue to evolve, grow and change.

And at the end of my life,when I take my last breath upon this earth.

I will have known I was all of the BEST OF ME!


Kolleen said...

this is SO beautiful. i love your honesty, your rawness, your realness, your YOU!!

i am going to visit your friends site and attempt to answer that question!

happy sunday to you dear one!

katielynn said...

you are wonderful <3