Saturday, December 19, 2009

~Blackstitch Art Studio Giveaway I Won~

~Blackstitch Art Studio Giveaway I Won~
I happened upon Annette E. Padilla's You Tube channel "DomainCollective" and was in awe of her artistic skills. She happened to be having a Pay It Forward Giveaway. I gave it a shot and entered it, and I WON! I was so excited to see her work up close and personal. I will say this, She has skills!!!! I tried to take a picture of every item. The picture above was everything she sent me.
I also have to admit, I didn't open this box right away. I waited for Lil Love to wake up from her nap. She loves to help Nina open her packages. I think I made a HUGE mistake on that!
WHY? Because Lil Love claimed quite a bit of my goodies.
What Annette sent me was very generous. She sent what she showed in her video giveaway, yet she added quite a bit more.
I received the following...
A Handmade doll which was wearing a logo Blackstitch button and these awesome lil tennis shoes.
A small purse
A beanie cap decorated by her.
A felt hand which ya can mold. LOVE it for when I need an extra hand. :)
A Blackstitch Logo Cup & Frisbee.
2 pieces of her artwork ready to frame.
3 sets of Blank note cards with her artwork on the front.
A Handmade Kitty Blank Note Card.
A Snail Mail tote.
A small handmade pillow with some pins attached.
A Blackstitch sticker.
A Feather felted bird.
A Blackstitch Art Studio Zine.
The Blackstitch Doll Picture Book.
The Sad Times Gothic Poetry & Prose by Annette E. Padilla.
8 mini pieces of her Artwork.
A chickie in an eggshell ring.
4 Pins to wear.
4 Beautiful Necklaces.
A pair of Hello Kitty Earrings.
1 Clay Clown head she created.
A wrist cuff which reads "Back Off"
Lil Love claimed a couple my necklaces, ring and hat, she tried to steal my purse but I laid claim to that! lol
I didn't expect Annette to be so generous in her giveaway. She surely has a Beautiful heart. I'd like ya to take a look at her you Tube Channel and see some of what's in her studio. Please visit her blog as well. I want to take the time to thank her personally for being so generous! Annette ya made my day hun! Thanks again for ya giving heart. Lil Love and I appreciate it greatly.
~Big Hugs~

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