Friday, September 18, 2009

~Mystele's Gut Art Class~

~Gut Art Class~
It's been awhile since I've made an entry, But I had to share something with ya. I've been following artist Mystele ever since I found her on YouTube. She's such a blessing to watch and to learn from. She's a VERY giving person not only of her time, but of her knowledge of art.
I once asked her if she could tell me how to make African American skin tones. Because I was at a loss on a piece I was working on. She not only told me how, SHE SHOWED ME! She actually took the time to make a video and show me how she achieves the skin tones. I was honored she took time out to help me. She proved to me to be a generous soul.
I find her to be quite honest and refreshing in her style of artwork. The reason why I'm sharing this is because Mystele is gonna teach an art class titled "Gut Art". She wants to inspire us as artists to use our own sense of style (our gut) while creating art.
Ya can join in on the class by clicking on the link to the left of my blog. I for one think ya can learn alot from her.
She's not asking ya to make the same art as she does. She wants ya to learn to depend on that inner voice that is inside each of us, as we express ourselves through art. These are not her words but mine, I just feel the need to share how I feel about her. I'm excited to expand my knowledge, to learn something I'm sure I overlook everyday. Unfortunatley I have to wait till October 1st when this class starts. So there's plenty of time for ya join in.
By the way Mystele doesn't wantcha to buy art supplies (unless ya need them) She wants ya to use whatcha have, She knows times are tough for everyone. I think it's another example of her sweet nature to think of others. So if I peaked ya interest, click on the link to the left and see what she has to offer. If ya join (Which I hope ya do) Tell her Poetic Dreams said hi!
I hope to see what ya create if ya take her class. I know I'm gonna be showing what all I've learned.

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