Monday, September 21, 2009


I made this ATC for inspiration.
Seems like I've been fighting with my body ever since I could remember. First with trying to walk correctly, to correct that I wore braces till I was 15 years old. Then I fought hard to hide bruises I received from daily beatings, and being sexually abused. I've fought kidney stones a few times, and being half deaf. What I didn't count on having to fight with my body over is living a normal life. I've been struggling since 1993 with food. No I don't have an eating disorder such as Bulimia or Anorxia, that would be too easy to solve.

What started all this? A simple trip I took with a friend to Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Don't get me wrong the trip was memorable. I am reminded every day since, how memorable that trip was. It was life changing to say the least! One day while we were on the trip we decided to take the kids to see "The Run" it's a place where they have natural spring water flowing through a section of the grounds.

It's also known for where George Washington bathed.

There's a place where ya can actually fill water jugs to take this wonderful water home with you.

It was a very hot day, and having the kids cool off in the run sounded like a good idea. What we didn't expect was an unexpected down pour of rain. Within minutes the water had risen to my knees. I decided to film the area for a momento, and showed how fast the the run had flooded. What I also didn't know was when it rains like this sewers aren't draining the water, and back up into the waters we were standing in. We had gotten the kids home and everyone showered and in clean clothes. The next day we were to venture home, Before we did we stopped off and filled up some water jugs. Can ya see where this is headed?
I brought home the water and drank it. Before long I was sick, really sick! To put it nicely, every time I ate anything I was in the restroom getting sick. Immodium was my very best friend, and
I lived this way for 10 years. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I went to the doctors, and I was told constantly it was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) no tests, just a general that's it live with it kind of diagnosis.
During this 10 year span I became more and more a recluse. Here I was a mom of three with a hubby and I wasn't living my life. I went from being a woman on the go to a woman who feared going out and being sick. Dates with Hubby became a thing of the past, as did church and other activities I enjoyed. There is nothing worse then being a wife and mama and not being a functioning one. I decided to call the doctor again, This time I demanded something be done for me. He had me go see a gastro doctor who did tests like Endoscopy & Colonoscopy. Which I found out the hard way, I'm allergic to the drink for the Colonoscopy. He also did some stool tests.
I found out immediately through the test what I've been suffering from for 10 years. I received a call from the CDC (Center For Diesease Control) They had a conversation with me for 2 hours on the phone. Asking me all kinds of questions. What was funny was the whole time I'm talking to the lady, I'm expecting these men in white suits to break in my home & take me away like in the movie.
What I ended up having was a parasite in my small intestines. This was from drinking contaminated water from Berkeley Springs West Virgina. My daughter was the one who put it all together. So for 9 months I took medicines to kill the parasites. Did this heal me? NO! the damage that was done to my small instestines is something I can't fix. Had my doctor checked further the first time, I would've had a better chance of a full healing.
Now what I have to do is live a Gluten-Free Diet. I researched this and figured this is what I now need to do to live a semi-normal life. People who have can't have gluten is because their small intestines can't digest gluten or they have damage done like me. Eating out is more difficult for me since I need to be more aware of everything I eat. Didya know licking a stamp or envelope can make me sick? Why? Because there is gluten in them. Ya won't believe where gluten hides,things like Chapsticks, Lip glosses for instance.
Going Gluten-Free is a another challenge my family and I are dealing with. The worst part of having this is the grocery bill. To buy one loaf of Gluten-Free bread costs me $6.99. that's just an example. It's been 3 weeks since I've been without Gluten, Not withstanding last night. I went to Boston Market with hubby and had their Beef Brisket. When I had checked the website it said it was Gluten-Free But I soon found out differently. Last night and most of the day I endured such pains, that I almost went to the ER. I'm feeling better now, and even better to know it was what I had eaten and can now avoid. That's the price I pay for not inspecting food ingredients better. That's just another example of what Gluten sufferers deal with. My only question to my body is "When will I quit having to fight with you?" I'm praying it's soon, because I would like to have a life fuller then what I have now.


nina said...

I'm sorry, I don't know your name, but we're both in the Gut Art class. hmmmm........"gut art" -- I'm sure you've already thought abt that. Maybe there's some healing in this for you!

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my GI tract is pretty sensitive, altho I haven't had to go gluten-free ........yet. But the crushing fatigue is tough enough.

So, here's to art helping us clear our bodies and sprits!!

Janet said...

I, too, have to watch what I eat. It's no fun not being able to eat out in restaurants without some huge ordeal. I wish this country would wake up and realize that our food, or rather what they do to it, is making us sick.

Thanks for all your helpful comments on the Gut Art site.

Lynda said...

My goodness...I hope your body gets fixed soon. That sounds absolutely horrible :( Best wishes with everything. Have a good day.