Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Where The Wild Things Are~

~Where The Wild Things Are~

Life certainly has been wild for me lately. Not being able to be online working on my blog, Ning Groups, and such has me frazzled. Working 10 hour days, 6 days a week has me drained by the time I get home it's all I can do to shower & sleep.

I've been keeping up with making art and I feel like I'm coming into my own. I've been trying some new techniques, and it's been amazing to see the results of my efforts. What I'm doing right now, behind the scenes is playing with a new texture technique for backgrounds. What I've created so far has somewhat impressed me.When I have this technique perfected I'll gladly share it. I will say this it's an unusal media element I'm using.
What I see other artist create has my mind spinning.

Funny thing about my art recently is every where I turn I'm seeing signs that I may have to change my career and pursue more of my art, like I had planned when I was younger. I don't usually take horoscopes to heart, basically I read them for fun. The whole month of June I've been inadated with words of encouragement about my art. At first I thought it was just in my head, but reading them outloud to others has confirmed I should look into making my art my career more then just what I do to keep my sanity.

Not sure how I'll go about it, Don't want to just jump into something and find out later I wasn't happy doing what I'm doing. I opened an Etsy shop because I had to purchase something for a friend. So now I'm thinking on what to do with it. As of right now it's empty, I have no intentions of just filling it with junk. I want it to represent my heart when I do place items there. My daughter suggested I sell my quilts as well as my art work. She said quilts were art too. I tend to agree with her on that point.
Lately I've been working on the Challenges that Gary Reef & Willowing & Millande have been posting. Ya can find their Ning sites located at the bottom of my blog.
Feel free to join in on the fun. I can say this I've learned so much about various artists through Gary. He's an amazing guy whose talents go unnoticed. Our latest Challenge was Rauschenberg, I have made two pieces since then. In fact I've been looking at trash in a whole new light. Here are the two pieces I've done for Gary.


~Rauschenberg 2 Home Sweet Home~
The items I used on Rauschenberg 2 are items from Mama & Grandma. The buttons,Needle treader, Buckle, Rick-Rack,Button. I named it Home Sweet Home after Mama & Grandma. Makes for a good memory piece. Mr. bought himself a new bible today and I swiped the box it came in. He said "I suppose that's for ya lateste art work?" I smiled and said "Most certaintly!" So ya see my mind is all about Rauschenberg and recycling.
I have to admit my mind was already on recycling thanks to Mystele She's a wonderful artist who shares her heart and soul with others. She was the one who first introduced me to recycling cardboard for canvas. It's always available when ya feel the urge to create and ya have no canvas. Here's one piece I made using cardboard.
It's called Cupid Love.

Lil Love is even using the recycled cardboard for her art work. When ever she sees me working on my art she asks "Make Art Nina?" How do ya say no to that? I surely don't, because she's an artist in training.
I am in the middle of working on a few more challenges from Bonnie Rose on Gary Reefs ning site. She's another awesome artist I've found. In fact I have some good news! I did last months Challenges "Green Man" & "Father Time" Here are my entries
I didn't have time to make the "Musical Faires"
I did get a chance to have her add my name to a drawing she was doing. The winner would receive her Painted "Green Man" What shocked me was I won! I was so excited!!!! I usually don't win things. But when I do I get over excited about it. Will post a pic of my art when it arrives.
The above art work, Where The Wild Things Are is a Challenge from Willowings Ning Site. It was a challenge on our favorite Fairy Tales. I'm excited they're making it into a movie, I hope they do it justice. I already own the DVD book version.
I want to wish everyone a beautiful night.


mystele said...

love it all!!!

My Painted Things....and more said...

Oh, I love, love, love it! Take those words of encouragement and run with it it girl! You are so talented and such a sweetheart to others:) As for the long days, "this too shall pass", hang in there! xoxoxoxo Pam

Marylin Houle said...

Your blog is looking good!

I agree about selling your quilts. As far as focusing more on art as a career, just take it slow: put pieces for sale that you really believe in and see what happens ;)


Lydia said...

I love this 'Cupid Love'!!!

Put your quilts in as well:)

I have got to get my Etsy up and running.Thanks for the inspiration:0)

LLnL said...

Really inspiring post. You work hard and still make time to develop you talents. I hope focusing on your art brings much success.