Sunday, February 15, 2009

~When You Can Be Creative For Others, But For Yaself Ya Mind Goes Blank~

I Love how my mind works. (Sorry, I'm being sarcastic) Go figure I can come across someone who asks for a creative idea, for something they want to do. THOUSANDS of ideas run through my mind. Like a river my mind flows with ideas.
But when I need to do something creative for myself, A blankness covers my brain. Like snow blankets the world with it's whiteness. My brain hides it's ideas under a protective blanket, I can't uncover.
What made me write about my pea sized brain going blank? Easy, EWain asked people to come up with some ideas for these tins she has.
Here's her link...
Please feel free to stop by, and give her ya thoughts on what to do with them. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.
Like I was saying, I can come up with tons of ideas for other people, but for myself it's a no go. I love to help other people be creative, I throughly enjoy sharing my thoughts with others.
I just need to talk my mind into sharing it's creativeness with ME!
I've tried sweet talking it, bribing it, I've even tried tricking it! But my brain is smarter then I actually give it credit.
My brain said " Ya don't fool me Poetic Dreams, I know whatcha want!"
Even my tears can't fool my brain, into sharing it's knowledge with me.
I need to find a way to make friends with my brain. Make her understand that I adore the ideas she comes up with for others. I want to know why won't she share them with me?
If ya happen to know of any ways to get my brain to play nice with me. I would appreciate ya help.

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Shell said...

I say don't think, just do. If you get an idea, write it down and then try to act on. As ideas come down, just write them as fast as they can come. Trust your creativity and the ideas you have are coming out for a reason.