Friday, February 6, 2009

~My Tropical Paradise~

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have ya own Island? What would ya want to have on the island? How would ya design ya own island?

This was a challenge piece for the first week of February. I designed this with Black Ink and Colored Pencils. I was please with how the palm trees came out. But I need to work on how to make my water, and sand look more realistic. I'm not disappointed in this piece, I just wished it would have come out better. Although I must admit the camera makes it look better. lol

Like I said in my previous blog entry. I want to share my creative process with ya. Share the joys, and sorrows of acheiving my goal of becoming a better artist. I want to be able to show ya that anyone can make art!

If ya have any thoughts on this piece feel free to share them with me. Good or bad I could use some helpful tips. After all I'm sharing with ya and I would like ya to share with me.

Peace, Hugs, & Creativeness,~Poetic Dreams~


Shell said...

Welcome to blogland. When I first started, I was like okay, now what? As I went on, things just started to gel. It took me a while to come up with my name, too. I decided to use my last name since my first, Michelle is common.
I like your artwork, Poetic Dreams. Mystele is wonderful, isn't she? I always dreamed of having my own castle and an island.

Leslie said...

I clicked on this post for the title...I am drawn to islands as favorite being Jamaica. If you check the older posts in my blog I did a big mural with a palm tree, water and sand at a cancer ward recently. Come by and check it out if you want to.