Friday, February 27, 2009

~The Queens Have Tea~

~The Queens Have Tea~

As ya can see, my Queen of the Purple House of Happiness had a special vistor. She is none other then Mystele's Little Queen

Little did Mystele know that once Little Queen was complete, she felt the need to have an evening excursion. So off she ventured to the purple house in the woods.

My Queen must have known she was expecting company. Since she did her hair, placed a crown upon her head, and wore a new dress. Hmmm Do ya think she too is a Queen? I'm not sure, although I did call her my Queen of the Woods when I introduced her, coincidence?
I still do not know my Queens name, Lil Queen does and she is not revealing it to me. She let me know that it was not her secret to share. Smart Little Queen, lol I wonder if she will reveal it to Mystele? Little Queen was offered tea and cakes, and escorted inside the purple house of happiness. I wasn't allowed to join them as I was told I was not a Queen. I was hurt, but consoled myself to the fact I was allowed to capture their visit.
Little Queen asked my Queen if it wasn't a bother could she be shown around. My Queen felt honored and excited to share her happiness with Little Queen.
I followed along as both Queens had a pleasant walk through the woods. Little Queen was shown all the special places that my Queen loved. I was under strict instructions not reveal them. My Queen said in time she will share with the public her secret spots. I do know Little Queen found Orange Kittys stream quite facinating.

After their stroll through the woods, The Queens enjoyed sitting outdoors and looking into the night sky. It was filled with stars and Little Queen enjoyed it immensely, said she had never seen so many stars. Sadly their visit had to come to an end, As Little Queen had to get home before Mystele found her gone. With a promise to visit again she set off home. My Queen allowed me to take a picture of the night sky for ya to see what they enjoyed. She also revealed to me that she thought Little Queen was an intriquing lady. I pushed for details but was quickly dismissed.
Maybe next time they meet, I will be a Queen and will be able to sit in on their visit. Or maybe they will have pity on me.


Shell said...

The Queens sounded like they had fun. I'm sure the Queen of the Woods will tell you her name soon. Maybe you already know the name and just don't realize it.

Lydia said...

Reminds me of the Disney Christmas cartoon, where the toys under the tree come to life when there is no one around, waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning:)

Renee said...

How fun was this. Now I think you should turn into a cat because cat's in puss n boots was allowed to just sit and watch a king, surely you can walk among queens too.