Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Happy Birthday Valentine's Day To Me~

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Valentine's Day To Me!

I am one of those people who have the distinct pleasure to celebrate both by a mere one second! According to my mother I was born one second from Valentine's Day. Would they let my Mother claim it, NOPE! So what do I get instead? Friday the 13th! lol

Bless hubby's heart he thought today was the 13th.

He had this box delivered to the house. Inside was a pretty red vase, with two dozen roses. A teddy bear and chocolates. He had them write Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day! Love, Hubby On the enclosed note.

It was a nice surprise.

I don't mind celebrating anyone elses brithday, but mine I always consider it just another day.
I know that sounds like I'm in denial of growing older. Nope, I believe age is just a number. I feel now, exactly how I did when I was sixteen. I think it's because in our home it wasn't considered anything big. Holidays were another example of just another day.

I'm not sure if ya aware of an artist named Mystele. But I absolutely LOVE HER! She's been had some influence on my art work lately.
She's helped me work on perfecting my skin tones,and even made a video to show me how. I would appreciate ya dropping by her site and saying hi. While ya there check out her awesome art work.

I appreciate how Mystele puts her art on cardboard she recycles.

Which got me to thinking. What should I do with this huge box, the flowers and such came in? Then it came to me through Lil Love!
Lil Love is an artist in training. She's an adorable 21 and 1/2 month old who has had her own box of crayons since she was 1 years old. I might add, that she hasn't broken one yet! Not that Mamma and Nina haven't broken one or two on her. Shhhh Don't tell her.

While I was cutting the box into useable pieces, Lil Love asked me "Color Me. Nina Please" Now there's one thing this Nina doesn't do, and that's ignore a request to do art with Lil Love. I told Lil Love that I was cutting the box down and once done I would color with her. She was quite patient, and helped me finish up. She found a piece she liked and asked for a "Pink Heart". I drew a heart on a small piece of cardboard. She then colored it for her "Da"
She was quite proud and showed it off to her Mamma.

Here is the results of her work.

I think she did a wonderful job. I know as she gets bigger her art skills will outshine her Nina!

Peace, Hugs, & Creativeness,~Poetic Dreams~


Shell said...

Happy Birthday, love baby. A minute is just way to close for me. Lil love artwork is adorable.

mystele said...

oh , that's soooo cool! thank you everything! praise God that He is moving in and through us.

Ruby Claire said...

Happy Valentines Day! =D
What a totally adorable story.. (:
And your gifts are so sweet!!!
Off to check out that blog... :)
Ohhh i love her art! Into my favs for sure!!!
Thanks for your comment on my blog too (:
Have a fabulous day!!
(For me it was Valentines Day yesturday, so really, your birthday is the day after- for me anyway haha)