Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Learning Something New Takes Time~

We've all had to do when we were babes. We'll be doing it till the day we die. What is it? Learning! Every day we absorb new knowledge, some tibits that we were unaware of before.

My something new is this Blogger. I see other blogs and think "How cute is this?" Will I be able to make my blog look so cute, and be so functional? In time, in time. Everything we do takes time.

I won't be an overnight success, like my fellow bloggers. In fact I was surprised I have five readers! By the way Thank You for being my "Poetic Dreamers". I appreciate it greatly.

Didya notice my new Header? Well I made that! I also made my own signature. I was so happy it worked here. I can at least say my Corel X comes in handy. My Christmas gift from my daughter last year. LOVE IT! I used to belong to MSN Groups before they decided to shut them down this month. I was a member of a tag making group,as well as quiliting. Such fun I had making tags. Quilting was fun while I was doing them.

As I was saying learning is something I'm in the middle of with this blog. It's not so easy to find information, on how to enter things here. Everything I try is a no go. Can't figure out where things go and how to place them in here. But I promise my Blog will one day be just as adorable as my fellow bloggers.

Until then enjoy my new header, and my new signature I made!


Shell said...

I love your signature. That's something I have to learn how to do.
I just recently acquired the program:
I'm still getting the hang of it.
I get some of my graphics from:
and just recently got my new background look from
Also, trying to learn more html language. I know only the bare basics on that.
Your right we are always learning. It's a good thing. We have keep growing or we shrivel up.

mystele said...

very cool!