Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~Purple House Of Happiness~

~Purple House Of Happiness~
I thought I'd try my hand at some folk art. Being inspired by Mystele of course! I so love her work, I'm drawn to it like a bee to a hive.
Please visit her here:http://mystele.blogspot.com/
I wasn't feeling totally at ease with this piece. I do like this picture don't get me wrong. But I have a hard time with relaxing! My brain wants things to look as realistic as possible. But when ya do Folk Art it's more of on the fun side of art.
I truly need to learn how to relax with my art. I'm not tense when I create, I just feel like it has to look real.
I thought it kind of funny that I wasn't feeling my work was even close to Folk Arty. That is until I read Mystele's entry.
I was truly BLESSED by Mystele's entry today. She brought some things to light for me. She asked...
Was I actively pursuing what I was meant to do, the role that only I can play in God's world?
She also brought to light how we can't measure OUR success by anothers. We should TRY,EXPERIMENT,GROW,and NOT BE AFRAID! I love how this entry spoke to me. So much knowledge in her entry, and I'm filled with hope,and renewed inspirational excitement! Please go read her entry I'm sure ya'll be just as inspired.
Thank You Mystele!
When I created my Purple House Of Happiness, I wanted my lady to live in the woods. She needed freedom to move around. She needed a purple house, because purple is a sign of royalty. She is my Queen of the woods, She adores her kittys and dotes on them. She plants flowers and roams the woods, and enjoys natures beauty. To her she is most happy where she resides.
She hasn't told me her name, only that her house is happiness to her. She told me secrets of what lies within her home. One day she said I could visit and share with you what her house holds. I wonder if she has more then two kittys? I forgot to ask. The orange kitty she holds, told me she was a very kind and wonderful woman. That she was content to live out her days in the woods with her. Orange Kitty shared a secret with me, She said inside the woods is a beautiful stream where the Queen fetches fish for her to dine on. What a wonderful Queen she is!
Queen was most kind to reveal herself to me, and allow me to draw her. Especially since she wasn't expecting company. She was most gracious and patient as I drew her holding Orange Kitty. The Queen said "Orange Kitty is quite heavy from all the fish she eats." I can't wait to visit her again. When I do I will share with you her new adventures.
Wouldn't it be divine to live in the Purple House Of Happiness?


mystele said...

thank you for the hugs, and i'm so glad that you hung in there with your Queen. she rocks! keep doing your thang!

Shell said...

I love to live in a Purple House of Happiness. Your Queen is enchanting. I just read Mystele's piece. So encouraging!!
I agree with you, we just have to dive into our creativity and let what comes out flow. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Your purple house of happiness is beautiful. I like the work of Mystele as well. It's vibrant, colorful, and beautiful to behold.

As an artist and writer, I can appreciate your work and hope that God prospers you to be able to donate to childrens charities and help to stamp out the horrible abuse so many of our children face daily.

The love of Christ be with you.