Friday, February 20, 2009

~How I Received My Native American Name~

I received my name from a reocccuring vison/dream I've had since I was little.
I was on a reservation (feeling at home and safe). And I was wandering around in the woods on a beautiful spring like day. I was picking berries, looking for roots and watching the forest animals. I kept wandering around lost in my own lil world of thoughts and amusement. But I kept hearing people in the distance calling out "She Who Wanders", I tried to ignore it, but I felt a pulling every time the name was called out, so I went to investigate.
As I approached the edge of the woods I peered past some bushes, and noticed the whole tribe was looking around the village and searching for some one or some thing. I stepped out into the plains curious of their actions, and someone cried out "There she is!" I looked around, thinking someone was behind me, and noticed they were all looking at me! I walked out a few steps only to be scooped up into a Native American mans arms. I wasn't frightened when I was picked up, in fact I found myself giggling with excitement, and laid my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating rapidly.
Then he spoke. When he spoke it was in a soothing voice. He said, "She Who Wanders, how many times must I say not to wander away from those who love you?" I tried to answer and he placed his fingers over my lips. He continued with what he was saying."When you wander from those who love you, You leave a void in their hearts. A fear of your not returning to your people. You must strive to remain true to who you are, She Who Wanders. But in doing so never wander so far in your journeys that you wander and remain lost."

This is the dream that I've constantly had since I was little. My dad said it was because that is my true name. My Native Amercian spirit is calling out to me. He said I should embrace the name and in doing so, This vision will stop and a new one will appear. Can I tell you how smart my dad is? Once I did just that, it stopped. I've had many other dreams/visions and they've all come true so far. I know ya can't fight who ya are. So I'm embracing the Native American side of me. Cherokee, Blackfoot, Apache. Yup,that's me! She Who Wanders.
The above Picture is my dream.
Unfortunately on Blogger here I can't embrace my Native American name. Someone has it, so I went with Poetic Dreams. The reason being is I write Poetry and most of them come to me in my dreams. Being in touch with my dreams has been such a journey. I've come to learn many things by them. Here's one of my Poems
I Am A Native American

I am a Native Amercian with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I wonder what my future will bring?
I know what I want it to be.
I pretend to watch the sunset on a rocky mountain edge.
I want to live among my ancestors and be one with them again.

I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I remember the stories of how I came to be.
I worry that when I am gone no one will remember me.
I ignore the ignorance of others who keep my spirit from being free.
I feel my ancestors blood running in me.
I say to others keep alive your history.

I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I dream of life among the plains.
I see how ignorance bound us like chains.
I fear my history will fade away.
I try to remember how my ancestors would pray.
I hope I am bringing them honor each day.

I am a Native American with hopes, fears, and dreams.
I Am She Who Wanders.
© September 11, 1999 She Who Wanders aka Poetic Dreams

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My recurring dreams are of flying, floating actually.....what's my name Poetic?