Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Dandelion Wishes~

~Dandelion Wishes~

I long for Summer, The warmth of the sun shining on my skin. Everything looking so bright and new. Right now the world is cold and grey. Sure the sun shines, But it doesn't warm as it does in the Summer. Remember days when you would lay on the grass, filled with dandelions? Picking them up, and making childish wishes as the wind carried the fuzzy pieces away. I long for those days, I wish for a dandelion right now. I would wish for Spring to arrive and bring with it, it's magical touch of re-birth. I wish for the Winter Fairies to dance away, and let the Spring Fairies come out.

I don't really have a favorite season per say. They all serve a purpose, I just feel so weighed down by winter right now. I'm needing the warmth of Spring and Summer. Why? Because I'm sad. I'm saddend by promises of snow and none appears. I dislike the Winter Fairies teasing games they're playing with me. If winter is to be then let snow appear. I dislike the cold and dreary days without snow upon the ground.

I drew this picture to remember such carefree days. When the worries of yesterday were of simplier things. I wish for a pony, I wish for a colorful party dress, I wish for a bouquet of balloons,etc... Awww the wishes we made as children! Such innocence we held in out hearts. Now as adults we face such responsiblities that we forget to make Dandelion Wishes. Why? Why are we so focused on the seriousness of life, that we forget to take time to make wishes? To dream and hope as we did as children? I look at my picture and I remember. I remember to hold onto the child that lives inside of me, and let her come out and play more.

This is MY Dandelion Wish


Shell said...

It is so true we need to keep the part of us that still believes in wishes and wants to run in fields of wildflowers alive.
As much as I like dancing with the Winter faeries, for me this Winter season has been particularly brutal.
Spring is coming. Before you know it, the Spring faeries will be calling to us..

K said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly. We should all hold onto that inner child and make many dandelion wishes! I was JUST talking about dandelions the other day and how we used to rub them under our chins to see if they would turn yellow...if they did, it meant we liked a boy! So funny and so much fun!!

Mark said...

Tis a great wish! We all must remember to let the child in us out to play!

mystele said...

love this- perfect timing in my life, too!