Friday, September 3, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Like A Hurricane Entry~

~Like A Hurricane Challenge~
Our challenge this week was to use wind as our medium. We were to find ways to spread our paint around using wind. I used a straw, air spray dust remover, and dripped paint then used my dryer to help it drip along the canvas.
I used trash (ok it wasn't trash it was junk mail) I used it to represent the debris which blows during a strong storm.
This was a good challenge for me, I needed an outlet for expressing myself with Hurricane Earl paying me a visit. Needless to say he whimped out and just gave me a TINY bit of rain. This summer was one of very lil rain, so I was looking forward to what rain would come with Earl.
I used Life as my muse, because of the fact we all seem to realize the strength a Hurricane can have. I believe we all should enjoy the lil moments life has to offer us each day. The flowers represent how fragile life is and what beauty is around us if we only take the time to look around.
Please feel free to join us in the weekly challenges. Ky works hard to provide us some unique and interesting challenges. Doesn't matter if ya a seasoned artist or just starting out. The deal is to have fun.


Jamie Lynn said...

Wonderful page :-)

Scrapacat said...

I wish you had gotten more rain from Mr. Earl, but I'm glad you didn't have any damage, too. They do tend to bring a lot of trash, or create a lot of trash along the way. Your page is a very creative storm! I love how it brings the maelstrom destruction yet shows the beautiful delicacy of things untouched. Wonderful work!