Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Full Moon Dreamboards:The Full Corn Moon~

~Full Moon Dreamboards:The Full Corn Moon~
Here's my dreamboard for September 23,2010 Full Corn Moon. I gathered images and words that spoke to me, by using Jaime's following questions...
Consider where would you like to direct your energy?
What would you like to build, tend, grow?
What are you ready to get started and make happen?
As ya can see I placed my images in collage form on a background poster. This helps me see what my focus is. Now that I have it put together Jamie has us answer the following questions...
Looking at your dreamboard what is it inviting me to do?
What actions can I take to honour what I see?
To me the images and words speak tons to me. I'm looking for Peace of Mind & Body. Having my body betray me as it has I'm looking for healing. To live the fearless life I once had. To make it to my daughter's wedding on October 2nd and not get sick because of anxiety. To learn to find tranquil and peaceful places to relax. To find my inner peace.
I've taken one major step this week before I even put my dreamboard together. I went to the doctors to help me find out why I'm getting so sick. I explained that whenever I have to go or do something new, I have to wake up hours before to settle my stomach and nerves. Gave her the example how my appointment was at 11:30am but I was up at 7am getting sick right up to leaving the house. How nauseous, sweaty and panicky I feel just to name a few symptoms. She diagnosed me with Panic anxiety Disorder. She gave me two medicines and refilled my asthma & migraine meds. Now I have to admit going to the doctors is a HUGE step for me. I dislike going. I started my new meds on Monday, and I'm praying they work so I can enjoy myself at my daughters wedding without fearing I'll be in the restroom getting sick.
My dreamboard is a reflection of finding a healther and happier me. To be able to just get up, spur of the moment leave my home and go somewhere without fear of being sick. To be able to surprise my hubby with a night out with no worries. Just plan FREEDOM! This is what I'm asking for. To have my old life back again before I got so sick 13 years ago. People take for granted the freedom they have to just leave their home on a whim. For me it's not easy, and I dislike living like this.
The bed represents a wonderful retreat to rest and sleep. To push away all the outside world and delve into peaceful slumber. The girl jumping and the one running is excitement of the new life I'm going to. Just knowing I'm on the right path is truly wonderful.
If you'd like to join in on making dreamboards click on the link above. It's quite easy and Jamie is truly wonderful. Hope ya join us.


TopazPearleGirl said...

Nice Poe! I love making dream boards too.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

You are definately on the right track.

Beverley Baird said...

A very poweryful dreamboard!
May your dreamboard help make all your dreams come true this month!

Jude said...

Sending you heeps of LOVE
J XX :-)