Friday, September 10, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Share The Love, Grow The Learning Entry~

~Share The Love, Grow The Learning~
~Connie Hozvicka~
The Challenge for this week was to
Go Forth
We were to go and search for an artist who spoke to our muse. Checking out You Tube, Blogs, Ustream etc... Well it wasn't hard to choose who was speaking to my muse.
That was Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio. Her links are above. She's been an artist I've following for some time. She has a way about her that just draws me to her.
Connie always encourages others with her words, art, yoga and belly love. One thing that had me facinated with Connie was her Fearless class. Now I wasn't able to take her class but her You Tube video was inspiring.
She speaks of how we need to just ignore the negative gremlin who tells us we can't be an artist, that we shouldn't create.
So I took it upon myself to listen to Connie when it came to painting. She paints so beautifully and freely. I've always drawn what I wanted to paint in. This time I went FEARLESS and did it free hand. I can tell ya there were many times I wanted to just toss it. I kept starting & stopping. But I pushed through listening to Connie's words. BE FEARLESS!
So here's my girl throwing her hand in the air, telling fear to back off!


Kerri Love said...

I love it Poe! You got the perfect facial expression I think, she really looks like she's saying "back off!" I love it!

Scrapacat said...

Wow! I am so very impressed by your FEARLESSNESS! Your painting is lovely - the hand to the fear is perfect. I swear, I put my hand up now and again to my critical gremlin - I should do a painting in honor of your breakthrough! Congrats to you, lady!

joyce rodli said...

WAY TO GO Poe, awesome.

godsmixedmediagirl said...

Poe your painting is fabulous! Great job!

Kym said...

That is a very cool piece. I hope you'll send Connie the link to this post because I know she would love to see that. I like the bright yellow and, like the others have said, the facial expression and hand in the air.

Jamie Lynn said...

I like it, well done

fear begone!

Connie said...

Aww!!!! I absolutely LOVE this Miss Poe!!!

YOU are FEARLESS Poe!! I never thought anything less of your magical soul--and now this--you in your FEARLESS Yellow taking on the world!!! I LOVE it!!

And I'm so deeply touched that you think so highly of my Art and myself. Thank you--your LOVE and support has been such a great fuel to my own FEARLESS!!! BIG BIG Hugs!!


Cathy Bueti said...

So glad to have found your blog! Your work is beautiful! I look forward to seeing more! :)