Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Wishcasting Wednesday:What do you wish for less of?~

~Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for less of?~
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! How is it ya know exactly what to ask me on Wishcasting Wednesdays? It's like ya have a glimpse into my life and pop the question for me to answer.
With being jobless now that the pool closed I am able to concentrate on one thing that's been bothering me. That is to unpack my room from a 2008 move. That's right I moved into this home in February 2008. I managed to get everyone settled in nice and cozy. I myself am living out of boxes. My wish is for less of clutter, Boxes be gone! My goal when I was packing up the home to make the move was de-clutter as I packed. I managed really well up until it came time for me to do my room, I ran out of time. Now may I remind ya I was packing up two homes and renovating at the same time. One was Mama's because passed away and the other was our home.
I was pretty much on my own.
I wish to be less of needless items. I want to be able to go through my belongings and rid myself of items I don't love anymore. To donate it so others can find joy in them. As I go through my quilting & art supplies to see if any of my friends can be of use to them. I don't plan on purchasing anything that isn't required for me to continue to create my artwork. Thus the fact I haven't purchased any fabric since 2003. I have enough to keep me happy for awhile. I don't need the latest and most popular fabric to quilt. I only need some fabric and a needle & thread.
I wish for less of anxiety in my life. having dealt with a serious parasite for ten years. I have a hard time leaving the house spur of the moment. I have to really plan any ventures I might want to do. This is putting me into panic attacks and emotional distress. Now I'm trying to write this without being too graphic. Let's just say I need to know where EVERY restroom is located. To help me with this I plan to take the next step and make a doctor visit.
I wish for less pain with my RSD. Again a dr. visit is in order to see what can be done.
I wish for less of putting things off that I would like to do in order to make others happy. When I do this I make myself sad and miserable. I need to be able to have my time to create and do as I please sometimes.
I wish for less stress of finding another job. To find one where I can be happy and not on my ankle all day. I don't want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable. That's all my job needs to do for me.
I'm sure I have plenty more wishes I could make concerning "less of" but that'll do for now. Then I'll make another list.
Jamie also wanted to know "What Wishcasting had meant to me" Having finally the courage to participate in my blog publically. I can say Wishcasting has made me more aware of what I want and need in my life. Jamie asks some deep and meaningful questions. The questions give me a chance to really look at my life and see if it's going in the right direction. I love being able to be accountable in such a way. Wishcasting Wednesdays also gives me a chance to encourage and wish others well in their journey.
Please if ya haven't stopped by Jamie's blog please do so. The link is above and ya'll be amazed as to how enlightening and wonderful Jamie is. Join us in making Dreamboards and Wishcasting Wednesdays. Trust me, Ya'll love it!


Cindy said...

As Poe wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also! Some powerful wishes you've got going on there! Good luck unpacking your room!

Amy said...

As you wish so I wish for you!

Anonymous said...

As you wish for yourself, I wish also for you!

- Grace

Suzie Ridler said...

As Poetic Dreams wishes, I wish for her also.

Oh to let go of clutter and anxiety. I find anxiety can also be caused by clutter so letting both go will help free up your space and your health.

Anonymous said...

As Poetic Dreams wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

Marilyn said...

as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also.

LissaL said...

As Poetic Dreams wishes for herself,so I wish for her also

Hazel said...

I wish for you to have all that you wish for!

Biomouse said...

Beautiful, heartfelt wishes that I know I can seriously relate to. Much luck with tackling the boxes and banishing them from your room for good!

As Poe wishes for herself, I truly wish for her as well.

tamara said...

Clutter be gone!

As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also! ♥Tee

Kim Switzer said...

As Poe wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

As Poe wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

lynna-g said...

As Poe wishes for herself so I wish for her also.
may you take the time for yourself to make your wish come true

Carola Bartz said...

As Poe wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Teena in Toronto said...

I hate moving. Ha! The first thing I do is tear into the boxes and put everything away. Having boxes from 2008 still unpacked would drive me nuts :)