Friday, September 17, 2010

~21 Secrets~

Seems the beautiful Connie Hozvicka is doing a VERY GENEROUS give-away. She decided she would like to give away not one, but TWO registrations to this AWESOME and AMAZING Workshop. Connie has 21 artists who will each being sharing one of their secrets of creating art with us. This workshop is only $59.00, but with Connie's huge heart she's going to be giving away two of them. One for the winner and one for the winner to give away on their blog.
How wonderful is that?
She has so many wonderful artists already lined up, and waiting to share their artful goodness with us.
We have the following...
Andrea Schroeder
Angelia Thompson
Connie Hozvicka ~herself!
Dawn Sokol
Effy Wild
Emma Peabody
Hanna Anderson
Heidi Newstrand-Dilley
Jonathan "Blade" Manning
Kelly Warren
Less Herger
Lis Hofmann
Lisa Wilson
Natalie Malik
Paula Phillips
Samantha Kira Harding
Sarah Whitmire
Tami Chacon
Traci Hanson
Tell me, How can ya NOT want to try and win a chance at taking this class? NOT ME for SURE!!!
I've had the pleasure of taking Less Herger's Old Skool Art 101, Poe Pressuring Paula Phillips & Jonathan "Blade" Manning. And taking Connie Hozvicka's Big Love class. I've been Blessed to get to know a few of the artists on this list through Twitter , You Tube and UStream. A few are new to me, but are no less worthy of Poe Pimping them out for all to read, and have the chance to learn from them. If I had to choose from this list who I'd take a class from I would be hard pressed to say. Each are unique artists and I'm a sucker for knowledge and growth where art is concerned.
They all have a very unique take on art. How could ya not want to experience 21 artists sharing what they know in ONE Workshop? Where else can ya find something this Awesome?
But since Connie asked that we pick at least 3 artists, I'm gonna do just that.
Natalie Malik~ She's going to be teaching "Typobolic (Typography 101)"
Now anything that has to do with perfecting my handwritting has my attention. I'm ambidextrious so I can use all the help on writing in my journal I can get. lol
Dawn Sokol~She's teaching "Get Carded" She's going to show ways to use up the old credit cards, hotel cards and such. Who couldn't use a niffty way to use up those promotional credit cards that come in the mail?
Connie Hozvicka~ "Get It Out, Get It Down" I know I REALLY need this class. Not because I'm trying to suck up and win her giveaway. That's not how it works. lol But because I've been dealing with so much stress lately that my creativeness is kind of dried up. I could use some creative mojo to help me snap back into my art.
We have Connie to thank for getting these artists together willing to share what they know with us. I for one, am Praying I win this generous giveaway. Do ya want a chance to win or even take the class? Then follow the link above and tell Connie Poe sentcha.
And just so ya know I don't get paid for every time someone tells Connie "Poe sent me" lol
And if ya win come back and let me know that too! Would love to let others know ya won.
Good Luck!


Emma said...

Good luck! I hope you can join us for 21 Secrets! :)

Lisa said...

Poe - so glad you were able to get over and join the giveaway!! I am so excited about those workshops as well (and certainly could use help with my writing...)

Good luck - hope to see you over at the playground!