Saturday, August 28, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~ My Childhood Memory Entry~

~Childhood MemoryChallenge~
This weeks Challenge was to take a childhood memory, and add a quote that would help describe the memory. It wasn't hard for me to come up with the quote or really the memory for that matter. I couldn't do my artwork justice of what my memory really was. Before I married Mr at age 16 I spent alot of time in my bedroom. I would do alot of artwork, write poetry and read. It was my way to keep out of harms way from my parents.
I loved my room! I had this amazing view of a river (or at least that's what I called it) This river amazed me in many ways. When the tide would go out, ya could see all kinds of debris in it. Anything from a shopping cart to an old crab cage. It facinated me because I could never tell which way the river would go. One day it would be flowing toward the bridge to the right of my window. Other times it was to the left where the cementary was.
Across the other side of the river was a huge baseball field. I would watch games from my window when they played late night games.
The water would never rise to our property because it had a brick retaining wall and we had steps that led down to the water. I used to watch my cat Babe meet his true love "Orange Kitty" on the brick wall, and they would sit together grooming each other in the moonlight. Babe loved Orange Kitty and when he died I buried him under the peach tree by the waters edge. Orange Kitty would sit there everyday after Babe died. The trees on our property also helped my facination with the river. We had so many Pecan, Peach, Apple trees surrounding the property that when the wind blew ya could hear them move.
I made many wishes on the river. Being lil I thought if ya could toss a penny in a wishing well and they came true, Then why not wish on a river? I often think of the many nights I kept my window open to listen to the trees rustle and pass a soft breeze and scents of the water into my room. I slept and dreamt many wonderful nights in that room.
When I first heard Robert Frosts poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" I instantly thought of my room. I know most people associate it with trees. But I truly think of my room where I watched that river. It held so many wonderful wishes and kept all my secrets too.
But like Robert Frost's poem says..."Nothing Gold Can Stay"
It's kind of sad when I think about it, But then again we can always remember to be thankful for what and who we have in our lives.


Kym said...

I like this journal page a lot. I also love the piece you wrote to go with it. It's very descriptive and I can visualize the place you describe. The quote is perfect! Thank you for sharing your story.

Kimber said...

Wonderful Poe! I can picture your room and the water and the trees. I love your page - the tree is cool - I'm going to borrow that idea. Your words speak volumes too. Powerful story. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Lynn said...

What a lovely memory and thoughts. Well done

Scrapacat said...

Trees and a river. Sounds like my ideal escape places. I couldn't see them from my room, but I knew the fastest route to get there. Love this page - it evokes so many memories for me, as well as connecting me to your memory. Plus, I love anything Robert Frost wrote. Terrific!

Thanks for playing my challenge!!

joyce rodli said...

I see the shopping cart, the old crab cage, I see the joy and care that you had for your dreams.