Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Full Moon Dreamboards: The Full Sturgeon Moon~

~Full Moon Dreamboards: The Full Sturgeon Moon~
I've been following Jamie for a long time now, and each time I promise myself I would make a dreamboard. I FINALLY did it! This is my first dreamboard and I'm excited to say the least. Noticed my Bold word there? That was a word I chosen for the new year. Why? Because I was determined to make it about FINALLY getting things resolved in my life.
I was FNALLY able to do the following before the New Year started:
Ended an 18 year friendship, because it was toxic to my emotional health.
(don't get me wrong it was a hard decision, but I've noticed my health improved since then)
Renovated & moved into a new home.
Made some new friends and found some old from childhood.
I could go on but ya get the gest of why I chose FINALLY as my word.
With keeping to my word this year I decided it was FINALLY MY TIME!
To create Art.
To write Poetry.
To find myself.
I resolved to not allow myself to be dropped from the to-do list. Too long I put everyone in front of my hearts desires. I thought one day it'll be my time to shine. Well Year after year passed and I wasn't getting any closer to my hearts desires. When Mama passed away I was faced with the realization of how I put everyone in front of my own needs. I pushed my grief aside and made sure everyone else was dealing with the loss of Mama. I've yet to sit and deal with to this day. The one thing I did however do was see how much I was hurting myself. Don't get me wrong it's ok to be there for ya family, I mean after all we are sisters,daughters,wives, friends, moms, etc... But no where in the handbook of life does it say WE are not allowed to follow our dreams? NO WHERE!
This is why I chose this year to be the year I, Poetic Dreams will see to it that I FINALLY do what makes her heart shine.
When I chose my images for my dreamboard I had tons I wanted to use. If I had used them all my dreamboard would be bigger than Poster size. lol
My images are those of allowing myself to come first.
To allow myself time to worship, relax, to immerse myself into my creative self.
The center image I used the spirals to write the many dreams I wish to accomplish.
Teach Art Classes
Make a flower garden in my new home.
Get My book "Her Secret No More" Published
Be Pain free from my RSD, with that my dream to walk along the beach with my Mr. & learn Yoga.
I also put unpack my room.
(That's an example of putting others first, my room still isn't unpacked.)
I would also like to get my Tattoo I've been wanting for ages. It's my Native American name She Who Wanders with an image I've had for just as long. I've also been thinking of a new piercing for some time which is also on the dreamboard.
I also have a image of a lil girl which represents my Lil Love. She is my heart and loves to create art with me. My getting my room settled has a bit to do with her as well. I'd like to set her up an area so she can create art with me.
At the bottom of Embrace The Dream sentence is a row of fishes to keep with the Full Sturgeon Moon.
The gazebo is a place of Tranquil, Peaceful and serene moments for me. I thought I might add some glitter to represent shiny, glittery, but had second thoughts knowing I had to scan this. lol
With creating this dreamboard, I have FINALLY made good on a promise to myself.
A great step in the right direction for me and one of many more to come!
If ya'd like to join in on the fun Please visit Jamie at her site through the link I left above.


Jamie Ridler said...

Absolutely beautiful. The first word I thought of when I looked at your dreamboard was 'elegant.' And your post is filled with passion and energy - no wonder your dreams were spilling over and bigger than a dreamboard could contain! There is so much to come, beautiful you! I am just thrilled you're here - welcome to the dreamboard circle.

Let the magic begin!!

big hugs,


CEB said...

love your dream board. a lot of beauty and images of peace. thank you for sharing.

Kym said...

I really like what you wrote along with your lovely dream board. Thank you for sharing it. I am sure that a lot of us are struggling with similar issues and reading about your experience is helpful. I wish you success with all of your dreams and plans. They sound very exciting.

joyce rodli said...

awesome dreamboard Poe

I came back to find it, i knows I did, here it is again:

happy happies.

Rae said...

I am boldly celebrating your FINALLY's!

Scrapacat said...

Perfect! I think we all give half a nod to our dreams for the day, month or year. We seldom take the time to write it down. Somehow, that makes it more firm, more important, and you don't want to face disappointment if you don't reach it.

It's great to acknowledge what you've already embraced in your heart. Now, get to it! Evaluate every moment - is it getting you to FINALLY? Big happy heartfilled hugs - sending you on your journey!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and peaceful! Love it! May you receive all you dream of.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful dreamboard. May your wonderful transformations continue as you dream!

heather noye said...

i love this idea!!! good for you!!!

Linnea said...

Welcome to Dreamboarding. Glad to have you here!

Absolutely don't drop yourself from the list. It's so easy to do with children, then one day they're grown (or think they are, as is the case with my teen and tween). It's important to keep casting our nets so we can catch the dream fish swimming by.

May your full moon dreams come true!

(I once scanned a dreamboard covered in glitter. It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be, in case you ever think about doing it again.)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Thanks for sharing your dreamboard