Saturday, August 21, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Song Entry~

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Song Entry~
This weeks Challenge was to take a favorite song and put our creative spin on it. This was a hard challenge for me. Ya think ti would be simple since EVERYONE has a favorite song right? UH NOPE! I have quite a few. I love music because it can transport ya back to a time when ya first heard it playing.
I adore many artists for one reason or another. Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Boston, Dido, Anathema, Paramore, Metallica, Reba McEntire just to name a few. But one lady has really spoken to me at a time I thought I was beyond anyone understanding my feelings. It was when I lost Mama (in technical terms Mother In Law) I was feeling so lost, abandoned, alone, and most of all frustrated. Having to deal everyone elses emotinons about her death while mine were pushed to the back burner. I still haven't dealt with my feelings about her death, too much going and everyone needing me still. Anyways I digressed, I was really down one night and I happened to be checking out some music videos on my You Tube channel. One popped up and I was intriqued. It was a song by Jann Arden "Where No One Knows Me"
Ya wouldn't believe how MANY times I played that song. Let's just say I learned the words quickly. She spoke what I was truly feeling and I couldn't express to anyone. I so wanted to be able to just run away from it all and never look back. I didn't want anyone to know me or about me. Jann really spoke my heart. Of course by my entry here I never did run away although the desire was really intense. Just listening to her sing these words kept me going.
Now this isn't the only reason I chose this song. I chose it because I play this song EVERYDAY on my way to work with Lil Love. She LOVES this song. It gets played over & over. When I was thinking about what song to pick. I decided to go with Lil Loves song because she's near & dear to my heart. She has the same musical taste as her Nina and Mama.
I instantly thought of a steering wheel and a road, because that's what I imagine myself doing before I heard Jann Arden's song. I added her lyrics to the side as a reminder of how much her words mirrored what I was feeling.
I'll end this with her You Tube Video Ya can enjoy Johhny Depp and Jerry Lewis.
Ya can also follow her on Twitter (I AM!) lol She's a hoot.


... Paige said...

sometimes it's amazing where emotions can lead us and you took me along on the ride with this page and the song.

Scrapacat said...

Aww sweetie! There's such a painful longing in this page that reflects your story very well. I love how you framed everything in the windshield, and the texture on the trees and sky.

Such a beautiful page with so much meaning and feeling in it! Find your peace! ~ky