Friday, August 6, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog My Entry~

~Art Journal Challenge Blog My Entry~
In my last entry I mentioned an Art Journal Challenge. The above link is where ya can join in on the fun. This weeks prompt was to create a journal page from
I personally had a hard time choosing who do to my journal page on.
Then I decided on Leslie Herger from
My reason was simple. I had created my own journal based on her instructions from her UStream.
Her instructions were quite clear and simple to follow. Now my art journaling is kind of limited since I work 10 hour days 7 days a week. So I used what I had available to me. I had to upload two images because my scanner couldn't handle the whole page. I basically did what Leslie said to do. That was Practice, scribble, and Keep at it. I drew what popped in my head and there ya have my page. No it's not all adorable like other journal pages. But it's MINE! It's my practice page, A page to, as Leslie says "Wake Up My Mind!" Some of the images were what I found in the background of paint. I just brought them out more. Others were mostly doodles I've done since I was lil. All in all it was a nice page to create. To not worry over being perfect. To show others not everything ya create has to make sense.
All that matters is that YOU CREATE!


Jamie Lynn said...

nice! and you choose well. I'm not much of a doodler, but I may have to start...trying at least

TopazPearleGirl said...

Nice Poe! Love the little bird.

Rebecca said...

I love all your doodles - they're a great inspiration to me (one of my goals for an art journal is to doodle more). I really like the bird and the little kitty face!

Scrapacat said...

Wow! I love the green background -so summery and restive. I appreciate the way you can always see something emerging from a page in progress. That's a great talent! I think you made a terrific choice to use Less as inspiration, and we all need more practice and embracing the "nonsensical" in our work! Thanks so much for pimping me and joining in the challenge!!

Stephanie Zito said...

Beautiful work! LOVE all the doodling!