Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~Would Love Some Help For A Friend~

Most of ya know by now, I'm the type of person who hates when people attack others. Well I'm asking for a HUGE favor from all of ya.
I have been following this one You Tuber for a long time. Her name is Sheryl Ng. She has her own buisness called Pincstuff.
She's a sweet girl who is in a contest called Who Inspires You. The idea is to submit a video on ya inspiration and people vote on it. They will win 10,000 dollars if they win. Well no offense to the others, I watched them. Besides a girl name Lizzy the others aren't very good.
Sheryl's plans with the money is to pay off her schooling and to keep her business going. She wants to be a TEACHER! Now we all know how important it is to have good teachers. I want to support her and help her win. I have been voting every day, The only reason why I haven't asked before now was because I thought the contest was going to be honest.
I left Sheryl a note today letting her know I voted again. She left this note on my page.
hi hun~sighh to tell you the truth, i've been hit with a handful of hate comments attacking me personally... some arent happy to see me at #1, and even got people not to vote for me.. T___T some people can be so meannn...but thank you for your comtinued suport, i really appreciate it!! hope youre having a greatt weekend though!! *cheers*Sherylxx
This upset me. These people knew when they joined the contest it could go either way. How dare they begrudge another person their votes? What I'm asking for is this. PLEASE go here...
And vote for Sheryl Ng.
I would love it if ya could also get ya readers to vote for her as well. I think it's only fair to get her back some votes these other people are costing her. I am proud of her for winning week one. I mean it's awesome to feel good about the hard work ya've done. She's a sweet girl who could have made a video on her page blasting these people and letting us know what they're doing to her. But she didn't she's just letting the contest play out. I think that takes integrity. I personally want to see her win. More so now that other are sending her ugly notes. She just deletes them off her page so no one knows. Please vote for her, The contest ends March 31st. I will be voting every day until then. I Appreciate ya reading this. And thanks so much for helping me.
~Big Hugs~

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