Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Irish Eyes~

~Irish Eyes~
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I was going to share my Irish Eyes with ya last night, but I remembered I needed to tell my secret of the Tub Girl. I made her the other night and I wasn't even planning her. It was really late when I went to my Tbed. It was already 3am but I knew I needed to create before I could sleep. I pulled out my art supplies and made Irish Eyes. I was gonna call her Pisi Ista but no one would know what that meant but me, or another Native American. Pisi Ista means Green Eyes. She does have green eyes, But she looked more Irish then Native American.
I was asked to do some Native American ladies soon. To be honest, I never know what is gonna come out of my art. I don't sit down with an idea before I begin, Unless it's a challenge piece. I just go with the flow. I used Chalk Pastels and Black Ink to make her.
I came down the next morning with her to take pictures of her. Lil Love of course had to look at it and give me her opinion. I received a "Cool, Ni Ni" She then ran with it and showed her Mamma. It's nice when I get her approval. I told my daughter "Lil Love is most definately gonna be a future artist!"
I am working on a few smaller pieces that I can send in some cards to some special people in my life. This is a first for me. Normally all my work is done on 8 x11 size. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone. Learn to make some smaller pieces, and then work my way up to larger pieces. The one I made last night was just as cute as Irish Eyes, When I have them all done I will post a picture of them.
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Lydia said...

What kind of Black Ink do you use? She's very sweet:)

Renee said...

She is so alive. Just like you.

I love the mermaid too, and I wonder does she remind you of you and that maybe through pain comes growth.

Love Renee xoxo

Are you a grandmother? Is lil love your granddaughter?


Anonymous said...

Your art is beautiful.

K said...

She's her green eyes!

faerie enchantment said...

This piece is amazing, she is absolutely beautiful!
Magic and Joy!