Friday, March 13, 2009

~Wishing Letha A Happy Birthday & BlogVersary!

~Happy Birthday Letha~

Today is Letha's 35th Birthday!

She has such a huge heart she's going to share her birthday with her readers. I'd like ya to visit her, and wish her a Happy Birthday and Happy Bloversary.

Please also check out her previous entry where she shares her art work, she's been working on. If ya haven't had the pleasure of meeting Letha now's the time to greet and meet. She's my Quincy Sweetie's Mom. Such a talented family she has. I met Letha through my Ning group Milliande's Creativity Club. Another wonderful site to meet and share with other artists.

Today is also another Special Person's Birthday! My youngest is 22 today! She's a Fantastic Artist If I can brag on her.
This is just one of her amazing pieces. I am quite jealous of her skills. lol

My daughter is truly one of God's miracles. I wasn't supposed to have her. I was taking the pill when I became pregnant. The doctor thought my illness was the flu, and gave me meds to take along with migraine meds. When I found out I was pregnant it was suggested to not proceed. I changed doctors after letting them know God gave me a precious gift, and I'll see to it that I honor it. With that my pregnancy was uneventful. Ok, Except for the fact I never had false labor before.
On my birthday exactly one month prior to today. I was in labor all day and into the night with no results of her birth. 22 Years ago today, Budha Bear was born weighing in a Healthy 8 lbs 4 ozs. She came face up, but all in all a good birth. She has always been an honor roll student and into being creative. She's in college and always on the Principals list. I am so proud of her. I would love to go back to the doctor and show him how much of a Blessing she is to our family.
I just want to wish both Letha and Budha Bear a Very Happy Birthday!


Shell said...

I'm sending happy birthday wishes to your daughter and your friend. Sometimes unexpected pregnancies yield the most fantastic children.

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, and your friend. :)

Carol B. said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter (who is indeed talented!) and God Bless you for the faithfulness and love you had to have your daughter, despite what anyone might say.
Carol B.