Saturday, March 14, 2009

~For Shell~

~For Shell~
I was playing around with my Corel Paintshop tonight.
I decided to make a couple of tags for one of my blog readers Shell.
I've mentioned her before, her Blog is
She has this adorable saying as a header, Act. Do. Dream. Create. Be.
I thought it would be cute to add to a tag. Plus it's a nice motto to live by.

This is the results of my efforts.
I know they're nothing fancy. I just like to make tags for friends when I have the time. I used to belong to a tag making group on MSN. That is until MSN closed down their groups. I wasn't a pro like most of the girls in my group but it was fun learning from them.

I was thinking, If ya wanted me to make ya a cute lil tag I would. Just let me know whatcha like and what ya want written on it. When I can I'll make ya a tag and leave it here on my blog for ya. I'll even post ya blog site for others to come visit.
I hope ya having a wonderful night.


Shell said...

You are the best!!!! I wish you could see my face and the delight in it. I'm seriously touched by what you did. I love all the tags!!! Thank you, Thank you, my friend.

K said...

Cute tags - love it!!! :)

Micki said...

Lovely tags!

mermaid musings said...

i came from shell's site to see the tags, they are lovely sweetie!
p.s. don't be sad, i am sending tons of good energy and good thoughts in your way right now.
and hugs!