Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Transfer It Entry~

~Transfer It~
I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to do this weeks Challenge, with my daughters wedding this weekend. But I managed to do it and I'm quite happy with it.
This weeks Challenge was to do a Image Transfer. I used my trusty tape and covered an image I liked with it. Rubbed the tape into the image with strong pressure. Once I was satisfied it was pressed down firmly. I used very warm water and soaked the image for a few minutes. I then removed the image and rubbed the paper side off the tape and Viola! My image was transfered.
I didn't want to add a whole lot to my background because I'd like to journal some thoughts on it later. My title says "Time 2 Live Your Best Life" it was my way of adding my twist on journaling about time, calendar, schedule, etc... That was something else we needed to add. It's easy to add a watch or clock but I wanted to expand my vision of what time was. Everyone needs to remember, we all should be living our best life each every moment of the day we're given.
If ya'd like to join in on our Challenges, please click the link above.
We'd love to see ya artwork.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~Free Art Class~The Heart Of Art~

Just wanted everyone to know, that the Beautiful Willowing aka Tam is blessing everyone with a free art class on her Ning group. She understands times are tough, And she took it upon herself to make a four week art class for us at no charge.
Being the Poe that I am, I want to pimp this out for others to join in on this generous offer!
Please click on the link above and join in on what I know will be a wonderful art adventure.
If ya new to Willowing's Ning group take some time to look around she is a delight and we have some wonderful, talented artists there. Willing to welcome ya and help ya with any questions ya might have. Hope ya see ya there!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Little Big Things Entry~

~Little Big Things Challenge~
This weeks Challeneg was to use at least 3 inches, In case ya don't know what an inche is it's a square that's one inch. Having never used them before I thought this might be cool. She also gave us a quote to use as inspiration.
"Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may realize they were BIG."~Robert Brault
I love quotes and when I read this one it reminded me of what I say at the end of my You Tube Videos. "Enjoy the lil moments" So I wrote those words on my inches. My challenge is what I've been facinated with for a while now, That's clouds. I call it CLOUDSERVATIONS. Lil Love and I started last year at the pool watching clouds float by and describing what we see. When Lil Love would point out one she thought was a castle or a heart, etc.. I would snap a picture of it with my camera. To me that was enjoying the lil moments, but making a huge memory which is a BIG Moment later to think about. I'll have those memories of lying back with Lil Love and watching clouds drift by. She'll grow up one day, and hopefully remember her and Nina watched clouds and dreamed of castles in the sky, puppies chasing flowers and so on. For me I've captured a moment in time with my challenge.
If ya would like to join in on our challenges it's never too late. Ky puts up a new one every Sunday. Just click on the link above. I hope ya join us!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Full Moon Dreamboards:The Full Corn Moon~

~Full Moon Dreamboards:The Full Corn Moon~
Here's my dreamboard for September 23,2010 Full Corn Moon. I gathered images and words that spoke to me, by using Jaime's following questions...
Consider where would you like to direct your energy?
What would you like to build, tend, grow?
What are you ready to get started and make happen?
As ya can see I placed my images in collage form on a background poster. This helps me see what my focus is. Now that I have it put together Jamie has us answer the following questions...
Looking at your dreamboard what is it inviting me to do?
What actions can I take to honour what I see?
To me the images and words speak tons to me. I'm looking for Peace of Mind & Body. Having my body betray me as it has I'm looking for healing. To live the fearless life I once had. To make it to my daughter's wedding on October 2nd and not get sick because of anxiety. To learn to find tranquil and peaceful places to relax. To find my inner peace.
I've taken one major step this week before I even put my dreamboard together. I went to the doctors to help me find out why I'm getting so sick. I explained that whenever I have to go or do something new, I have to wake up hours before to settle my stomach and nerves. Gave her the example how my appointment was at 11:30am but I was up at 7am getting sick right up to leaving the house. How nauseous, sweaty and panicky I feel just to name a few symptoms. She diagnosed me with Panic anxiety Disorder. She gave me two medicines and refilled my asthma & migraine meds. Now I have to admit going to the doctors is a HUGE step for me. I dislike going. I started my new meds on Monday, and I'm praying they work so I can enjoy myself at my daughters wedding without fearing I'll be in the restroom getting sick.
My dreamboard is a reflection of finding a healther and happier me. To be able to just get up, spur of the moment leave my home and go somewhere without fear of being sick. To be able to surprise my hubby with a night out with no worries. Just plan FREEDOM! This is what I'm asking for. To have my old life back again before I got so sick 13 years ago. People take for granted the freedom they have to just leave their home on a whim. For me it's not easy, and I dislike living like this.
The bed represents a wonderful retreat to rest and sleep. To push away all the outside world and delve into peaceful slumber. The girl jumping and the one running is excitement of the new life I'm going to. Just knowing I'm on the right path is truly wonderful.
If you'd like to join in on making dreamboards click on the link above. It's quite easy and Jamie is truly wonderful. Hope ya join us.

Monday, September 20, 2010

~I'm Gonna Try This Again~

Connie picked a Winner for her 21 Secrets. The winner was Sam Johnson at
She's giving everyone a chance to win their spot in 21 Secrets. Ya KNOW I'm in for that!

Winner will be announce 7:00pm September 27th.
If ya don't know what 21 Secrets is about, let me tell ya.
It's a workshop where 21 Fabulous artists teach ya their lil secrets on creating art. Ya won't believe how awesome these teachers are! If ya interested in checking it out click the Dirtyfootprints link. Ya can sign up now and classes begin October 1st, 2010.
Take ya chance and see if ya win. If ya do come back & let me know.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My All Time Favorite Movie Entry~

~All Time Favorite Movie Challenge~
When Ky announced this challenge I had no hesitation as to what movie I was gonna do. Anyone who knows me, Knows ROCKY is my all time favorite movie. I will watch this movie over and over again. In fact I have to admit there are actually 6 Rocky Movies so I'm claiming all 6 in this challenge. Why? Because I can't choose just one Rocky movie. That's like saying pick only one part of ya body, ya don't need the rest. I will warn ya I can go on and on about Rocky. But here's what I will say about it being my favorite. Each Rocky has a life lesson in them. Such as... Go for it, Nothing is Real if you don't believe in who you are, It ain't over 'till it's over, Just to name a few.
I also enjoy knowing how each movie was made. The first Rocky was on a very limited budget, So much so that Sylvester Stallone asked his first wife to take the pictures as they were filming. He used mostly family such as his brother Frank Stallone who plays the street singer. He had to sell his dog Buckus because he couldn't afford to feed him. Once Rocky made money Stallone went and retrieved Buckus. The turkey seen was extremely funny knowing that Sylvester only had enough money to buy one turkey. Which meant they had to have someone in the alley to catch the turkey "Pauley" the character tosses out the door. Luckily they got it in one take.
Sylvester Stallone also made film history with Rocky. He found it easier to start at the end of the fight and work backwards. This way the brusies and swelling was consistant. Going from 1st fight to the last, required perfect palcement of bruises and such and he couldn't be sure they would be consistent.
Like I said I could go on and on with Rocky because it's my fave. I might one day write a behind the Rocky tid-bit entry one day.
I hope ya will join Ky and us on these wonderful Challenges. Just click the link above and see what juicy challenge Ky has planned for us tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

~21 Secrets~

Seems the beautiful Connie Hozvicka is doing a VERY GENEROUS give-away. She decided she would like to give away not one, but TWO registrations to this AWESOME and AMAZING Workshop. Connie has 21 artists who will each being sharing one of their secrets of creating art with us. This workshop is only $59.00, but with Connie's huge heart she's going to be giving away two of them. One for the winner and one for the winner to give away on their blog.
How wonderful is that?
She has so many wonderful artists already lined up, and waiting to share their artful goodness with us.
We have the following...
Andrea Schroeder
Angelia Thompson
Connie Hozvicka ~herself!
Dawn Sokol
Effy Wild
Emma Peabody
Hanna Anderson
Heidi Newstrand-Dilley
Jonathan "Blade" Manning
Kelly Warren
Less Herger
Lis Hofmann
Lisa Wilson
Natalie Malik
Paula Phillips
Samantha Kira Harding
Sarah Whitmire
Tami Chacon
Traci Hanson
Tell me, How can ya NOT want to try and win a chance at taking this class? NOT ME for SURE!!!
I've had the pleasure of taking Less Herger's Old Skool Art 101, Poe Pressuring Paula Phillips & Jonathan "Blade" Manning. And taking Connie Hozvicka's Big Love class. I've been Blessed to get to know a few of the artists on this list through Twitter , You Tube and UStream. A few are new to me, but are no less worthy of Poe Pimping them out for all to read, and have the chance to learn from them. If I had to choose from this list who I'd take a class from I would be hard pressed to say. Each are unique artists and I'm a sucker for knowledge and growth where art is concerned.
They all have a very unique take on art. How could ya not want to experience 21 artists sharing what they know in ONE Workshop? Where else can ya find something this Awesome?
But since Connie asked that we pick at least 3 artists, I'm gonna do just that.
Natalie Malik~ She's going to be teaching "Typobolic (Typography 101)"
Now anything that has to do with perfecting my handwritting has my attention. I'm ambidextrious so I can use all the help on writing in my journal I can get. lol
Dawn Sokol~She's teaching "Get Carded" She's going to show ways to use up the old credit cards, hotel cards and such. Who couldn't use a niffty way to use up those promotional credit cards that come in the mail?
Connie Hozvicka~ "Get It Out, Get It Down" I know I REALLY need this class. Not because I'm trying to suck up and win her giveaway. That's not how it works. lol But because I've been dealing with so much stress lately that my creativeness is kind of dried up. I could use some creative mojo to help me snap back into my art.
We have Connie to thank for getting these artists together willing to share what they know with us. I for one, am Praying I win this generous giveaway. Do ya want a chance to win or even take the class? Then follow the link above and tell Connie Poe sentcha.
And just so ya know I don't get paid for every time someone tells Connie "Poe sent me" lol
And if ya win come back and let me know that too! Would love to let others know ya won.
Good Luck!

Friday, September 10, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Share The Love, Grow The Learning Entry~

~Share The Love, Grow The Learning~
~Connie Hozvicka~
The Challenge for this week was to
Go Forth
We were to go and search for an artist who spoke to our muse. Checking out You Tube, Blogs, Ustream etc... Well it wasn't hard to choose who was speaking to my muse.
That was Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio. Her links are above. She's been an artist I've following for some time. She has a way about her that just draws me to her.
Connie always encourages others with her words, art, yoga and belly love. One thing that had me facinated with Connie was her Fearless class. Now I wasn't able to take her class but her You Tube video was inspiring.
She speaks of how we need to just ignore the negative gremlin who tells us we can't be an artist, that we shouldn't create.
So I took it upon myself to listen to Connie when it came to painting. She paints so beautifully and freely. I've always drawn what I wanted to paint in. This time I went FEARLESS and did it free hand. I can tell ya there were many times I wanted to just toss it. I kept starting & stopping. But I pushed through listening to Connie's words. BE FEARLESS!
So here's my girl throwing her hand in the air, telling fear to back off!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Wishcasting Wednesday:What do you wish for less of?~

~Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for less of?~
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! How is it ya know exactly what to ask me on Wishcasting Wednesdays? It's like ya have a glimpse into my life and pop the question for me to answer.
With being jobless now that the pool closed I am able to concentrate on one thing that's been bothering me. That is to unpack my room from a 2008 move. That's right I moved into this home in February 2008. I managed to get everyone settled in nice and cozy. I myself am living out of boxes. My wish is for less of clutter, Boxes be gone! My goal when I was packing up the home to make the move was de-clutter as I packed. I managed really well up until it came time for me to do my room, I ran out of time. Now may I remind ya I was packing up two homes and renovating at the same time. One was Mama's because passed away and the other was our home.
I was pretty much on my own.
I wish to be less of needless items. I want to be able to go through my belongings and rid myself of items I don't love anymore. To donate it so others can find joy in them. As I go through my quilting & art supplies to see if any of my friends can be of use to them. I don't plan on purchasing anything that isn't required for me to continue to create my artwork. Thus the fact I haven't purchased any fabric since 2003. I have enough to keep me happy for awhile. I don't need the latest and most popular fabric to quilt. I only need some fabric and a needle & thread.
I wish for less of anxiety in my life. having dealt with a serious parasite for ten years. I have a hard time leaving the house spur of the moment. I have to really plan any ventures I might want to do. This is putting me into panic attacks and emotional distress. Now I'm trying to write this without being too graphic. Let's just say I need to know where EVERY restroom is located. To help me with this I plan to take the next step and make a doctor visit.
I wish for less pain with my RSD. Again a dr. visit is in order to see what can be done.
I wish for less of putting things off that I would like to do in order to make others happy. When I do this I make myself sad and miserable. I need to be able to have my time to create and do as I please sometimes.
I wish for less stress of finding another job. To find one where I can be happy and not on my ankle all day. I don't want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable. That's all my job needs to do for me.
I'm sure I have plenty more wishes I could make concerning "less of" but that'll do for now. Then I'll make another list.
Jamie also wanted to know "What Wishcasting had meant to me" Having finally the courage to participate in my blog publically. I can say Wishcasting has made me more aware of what I want and need in my life. Jamie asks some deep and meaningful questions. The questions give me a chance to really look at my life and see if it's going in the right direction. I love being able to be accountable in such a way. Wishcasting Wednesdays also gives me a chance to encourage and wish others well in their journey.
Please if ya haven't stopped by Jamie's blog please do so. The link is above and ya'll be amazed as to how enlightening and wonderful Jamie is. Join us in making Dreamboards and Wishcasting Wednesdays. Trust me, Ya'll love it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Like A Hurricane Entry~

~Like A Hurricane Challenge~
Our challenge this week was to use wind as our medium. We were to find ways to spread our paint around using wind. I used a straw, air spray dust remover, and dripped paint then used my dryer to help it drip along the canvas.
I used trash (ok it wasn't trash it was junk mail) I used it to represent the debris which blows during a strong storm.
This was a good challenge for me, I needed an outlet for expressing myself with Hurricane Earl paying me a visit. Needless to say he whimped out and just gave me a TINY bit of rain. This summer was one of very lil rain, so I was looking forward to what rain would come with Earl.
I used Life as my muse, because of the fact we all seem to realize the strength a Hurricane can have. I believe we all should enjoy the lil moments life has to offer us each day. The flowers represent how fragile life is and what beauty is around us if we only take the time to look around.
Please feel free to join us in the weekly challenges. Ky works hard to provide us some unique and interesting challenges. Doesn't matter if ya a seasoned artist or just starting out. The deal is to have fun.