Friday, October 29, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog My Doodlebugs Entry~

~Crow, Witch & Spider~
This picture is two fold.
One I wanted to do my Halloween picture I dreamed of, and this fits both Willowings & Ky's Challenges.
Ky's was to do an entry on a dream ya've had and add a zendoodle to it.
Willowings was do a Halloween picture.
I think she came out quite lovely. I really like my crow and spider. Trying to paint her in different shades of black was quite a challenge, but I think I accomplished it.
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Cathy Bueti said...

Love this! Nice work! :)

Scrapacat said...

This is beautiful, Poe! I agree - she came out beautifully. Lots of intriguing details and the zendoodled spider is hilarious!

Big hugs (we miss you, but understand)! ~ky

Kimber said...

This is awesome Poe! I love the the crow and the spider is just fabulous!

Jamie Lynn said...

Super Spider!