Sunday, November 14, 2010

~Taste Review on Savory Creations International Concentrated Broths~

Savory Creations Concentrated Broths
No MSG* Gluten Free* Natural Flavor *Non GMO
I was given the opportunity to test out these liquid concentrated broths. The flavors were Chicken, Vegtable, and Beef. They're not your average run of the mill boullion cubes or granulated broth bits. These my friends are a concentrated liquid broth in a pre-measured pouch. All you have to do is add one cup hot water, and add the concentrated broth package of your choice and stir.
I am IN LOVE with these! I could never get the granualted bits or cubes to not have floaty bits in them no matter how hot my water was. With these it's quick and easy.
I used the chicken flavor and made the following dishes.

Gluten Free Chicken Soup
Do you know how long I've wanted Chicken Noodle Soup and couldn't have any because of the Gluten? TOO LONG! I immediately got excited and started singing a lil diddy "I'm gonna have chicken noodle soup! Oh Yes!" Now Lil Love isn't one to let me have anything, without her first tasting her fair share of what I'm having.
I gave her a bowl of it and all I could hear was "MMMMM, this is delightful, Mmmmm Scrumptious" I had to giggle because she uses the most descriptive words when she's the happiest. She asked me for another bowl after she gobbled her first bowl down.
When her Da came home he asked her what she was eating. Her reply was "Nina's Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup Da and it's sooooooo goood!" Her Da's reply was I thought I smelt something good when I walked in.
So if you don't want to take my word for how tasty my Chicken Noodle soup with the Savory Concentrated Broth was, then maybe ya'll take the word of Lil Love.

Then I made Baked Chicken with the Chicken Concentrated Liquid Broth.
I won't torture you with what I served with this, since I know your mouth is watering just looking at my tasty chicken. lol
I will say this for the Concentrated Liquid Broth. Cleaning my roasting pan afterwards was a breeze! Usually I have to use an sos pad because it clings to the pan and it's greasy feeling. I have to say I made the comment to Mr. that cleaning up after dinner was quite easy.
I fed the family which consists of the following
Mrs. JavaGal
Mr. Java
Poetic (me)
They had no idea I was serving them Gluten Free Concentrated Liquid Broth. For all they knew it was just baked chicken to them like I usually make.
That is until Mr. Java bit into the chicken and then asked me what I did differently. lol
I asked him why and his reply was "This have extra flavor then you normally add"
Hmmm Good point I told him.
Mrs. JavaGal went on to say (and for the record is not a meat on the bone type chicken eater) She asked if she could have more.
Mr and Mrs Java then had seconds of the chicken because they enjoyed the taste, it was flavorable and not salty like the other stuff I had used.
Mr came home and devoured his chicken with delight. He too asked if there were more chicken left over. He even asked if he could take some to work for his lunch.
Now for me, Like I said with my Chicken Noodle Soup. I am IN LOVE with these concentrated liquid broths! Honestly I wish this was the only way to sell this product. You have no mess with little papers you have to take off a cube. You don't have to measure with the granulated bits. Just a little pre-measured pouch and one cup hot water and stir. It mixes in no time without floaties and bits hanging around. It comes in an easy to store box which takes up less room then those round glass containers of cubes. The shelf life on them is longer. If you have the chance to purchase this product I say "Go for it, You won't be dissappointed."
I also want to say thanks for letting test this product.


Unknown said...

Great idea to add Savory Choice Broth Concentrate to baked chicken! I'll have to try it! There is a lot of punch in the little pouch!

Gluten Free Dee

Lilymelba said...

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