Saturday, October 23, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Spoooky Entry~

~Spoooky Challenge~
Ky's challenge this week was to capture something about this season. We could make it Autumn, Halloween, or past memory, it was our choice.
All I could think of with this challenge was this picture above.
It's actually one I've been putting off finishing. I really wanted it complete and it fits this challenge.
I drew this on August 25,2009 during the Summer. It's hard to believe that while working the pool last Summer Lil Love and I found these leaves. They had fallen from the trees there. So wanted to incorporate them into my art, I placed the leaves into a plastic holder and added it to the side of the page. Ya can flip it over to see the other leaves we collected. I drew thethat day and I wrote a poem into her hair it reads...
~Feels Like Fall~
Skies of pale blue, Clouds fluffy white.
Leaves dance with the breeze,
A fall lovers delight.
©Poetic Dreams 8-25-2009
I finally colored her in and used colored pencils and watercolor crayons. I think she came out beautifully. I am happy to have her finished. I plan on filling up this moleskine with my art work and I have one other page to finish before I move on.


Kimber said...

Love your page Poe! It's really beautiful. Especially the leaves.

Scrapacat said...

My dearest Poe - you always touch my heart with your art. I love the feeling of looking back while moving ahead. All flowers turn to seed as nature puts her house in order for a quiet winter. Hope Lil Love treasures this (and all your other) masterpieces. Missing you around the internet. Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Poe, I love the lady you painted, her face is so expressive It's great that you got to finish your piece!

Jamie Lynn said...

green eyes, love 'em