Saturday, October 16, 2010

~Art Journal Challenge Blog~My Squish'em Entry~

~My Squish'em Entry~

This weeks challenge was to honor Breast Cancer Month.
Having been diagnosed at the age of 26. I can totally relate to this topic. When I seen the Challenge I wanted to take a picture of the reality of Breast Cancer. Unfortunately every picture we tried to take refused to show the massive scar.
So I improvised and used a model of where my scar is.

I am a 20 year survivor! Now that comes as a shock to me, because I've never really counted my Surviving Anniversary before. Having this challenge brought back the memories of that incident.

I was a Wife, Mother, and I was a daycare provider. It wasn't even me who found the lump, it was my husband. This was in November and it was the size of a pea. I was just gonna keep an eye on it for a month before I spazed and called the doctor. Life went on and I forgot all about it, that was until I kept getting pains in my breast. It got to be hard to hug my children ages 3,5 and 6. It hurt to even wear a bra.

I called the doctor and was seen in January. She said she didn't think it was any big deal because CANCER DOESN'T HURT! Hmmm, I felt kind of put off so I asked for a second opinion.
I was sent in February, right before my birthday. He was very kind and he was Greek. So speaking to him was kind of hard with my having an accent & him having one as well.

Before he checked me he kept asking me "How do you feel about your breast" I simply said "If I woke up without them, I wouldn't care. I'd save tons of money on not having to buy bras!" He kept saying no and repeating the question. Finally after the third time of us going at it, the nurse asked if I did breast exams and found it. I laughed and told him "That's not how ya asked me" lol

Come to find out that I didn't even have to tell him which breast it was in, because the moment he felt my left breast he ran from the room. He forgot to shut the door all the way and I could hear him yelling on the phone. He told someone that they should've done a better exam because there was a huge lump there now. He came into my room and apologized for leaving. He then re-examined me and showed me how huge my lump was. To compare my lump it was the size of a fat smoked sausage.

I was gonna have to have surgery. He said if he could remove enough tissue surrounding the lump I wouldn't need any Radiation or Chemo. He asked me If I came to the office alone. I told him Mr was waiting outside the room for me. He asked for Mr to come in. He explained to him the situation and reassured him that he would treat me as if I were his own wife or daughter.
Now I have to explain I wasn't in the least bit worried, I wasn't crying, I wasn't in shock. I was just matter a fact about the whole situation. NEVER once did death enter my mind. I can't explain why I felt this way except to say I knew God has his way in all situations.
I was truly blessed with a great doctor, he made sure Mr was at ease about all of the procedure. I got to do it as an out patient because he was able to take a huge amount of surrounding tissue.
Funny thing was I had to do MRI's the morning of my surgery so they could place the markers. They found more suspicious lumps on the MRI's but when Dr. Tomescu went in there was nothing but that one huge lump. Amazing isn't it?
Ever since that surgery I've been having a mamogram yearly. So far it's all been good results. I just want everyone to know Cancer has no specific rules. For me my cancer was painful, so don't let anyone tell ya that it's not a sign of cancer. Not saying all cancer hurts as a sign but for me it was. I also want everyone to know cancer has no age limit, it can strike anyone.
Please do ya self exams and make the males in your life do one as well. Make them check their breasts and their testicals. Because even men get breast cancer, not just testicalar.
Just thought I share my story.
Now my entry is left blank for a reason. I want to write my story on it, I didn't want to do that just yet. But it reads, SURVIVOR because that's who I am.
I used Metallic Champagne for my background because I find that a hard color to use. I used Pink Because it's my favorite color and represents Breast Cancer. The dark pink scar on the left breast represents where my scar is. Although my original idea didn't come to light I am quite proud of this one.
If ya'd like to join us in the challenges please feel free to click the link above and join us!


Kym said...

What a great page and thank you for sharing your story. It is so interesting and it really points out the need we sometimes have to get second opinions. "Cancer doesn't hurt" is a ridiculous thing to say because all people are different and she should have known that! Ugh. You trusted yourself! Yay. Congratulations on being a survivor!

godsmixedmediagirl said...

One more way that Poe is awesome! I am so glad you won because life would not be the same without you to make us smile and laugh. Hugs!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your personal story. Yeah! for being a survivor

Love the page