Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~Birds Eye View~

~Birds Eye View~
It's been sometime since I've written, Although I feel the need to apologize for not writting. I won't. I will however apologize to ya, my readers for keeping ya in suspense of what is going on with me. I will warn ya it's not very exciting.
I explained how I my room was in major need of unpacking. Don't get excited for me, I didn't get it done. I'm still sleeping in my tub. lol
I am however in good shape where my room is concerned. I took 3 HUGE boxes of files out of my room and brought them downstairs. I have been going through each box and getting rid of old paperwork I no longer need.
Mind ya all this paperwork is NOT mine alone. I had to keep the kids & hubbys papers. I had a file on each of the kids from the time they were born, till they left home. Each file consisted of some school papers which they were proud of. TONS of Certificates and ribbons from various achievements, Doctor records and such.
The fun was sitting through each file on each child, and remembering the moments. I want to take them and put them into their baby books with their photos.This way they can have them all in one place, and not a tons of boxes. I trashed quite a bit of non essential papers.
I have one box left to go through, Now I will admit It's all mine! Ya see, I toldya I was a Jane of all trades. I do various crafts and I'm pretty good at them. What this one box holds is Quilt Patterns. I know I hang my head in shame. lol I quit quilting in 2005 when I injured my ankle,and had major surgery. I do plan on going back to it, but I'm going to down size my quilting. I haven't bought any fabric since 2003. My goal was to use up what I had. God knows ya can shop at my house if ya need fabric. lol
My goal when I am done with all the quilting patterns, is to keep the ones I've already made a quilt on. Then place the pattern with the photo of the completed quilt so I have a permanent record of it. I will also keep some patterns of ones I'd like to make. When my room is settled I will mark the calendar and if I haven't quilted in 6 months I will go through those patterns and discard accordingly. I do have some patterns I may try to sell, we'll see.
I've been a busy gal trying to work on my art. Haven't done it the past few nights just from sheer exhaustion. My son turned 28 this month and my Lil Love turned two! Where does time go? Why can't we stop time when we want to? I would like time to stop so I can finish my room then it can move on. That would be cool.
Lil Love had a wonderful birthday. All she wanted was "Papa, Da to make hot dog and Amburger and pickles" This was the response we got when Ma asked her what she would like for her birthday. Funny thing is we did a BBQ party for her first birthday. I wonder if she remembered? It's funny what she comes up with. We had a Lil baby named Bailey come over, Lil Love was so gentle with her. She shared toys with her, Lil Love kept bringing toys to her Ma & Da and say "For Baby" How cute is that? I told my daughter that No two year old I know ever shares, That Lil Love has a huge heart.
Papa took Lil Love and the family out for her "pancakes" He does this every Saturday morning and Lil Love enjoys it immensely. When they left to come home Da took Lil Love to go pick out her plates for the party. She chose her favorite Curious George. She then found a lil stuffed Curious George and picked him off the shelf and hugged him. She then placed him back on the shelf after she showed Ma & Da. She started to walk away when her Da told her she could have him. Lil Love ran backed to him and hugged him tight and kissed him. She thanked her Ma & Da. When they told me this story I told them NO two year old EVER does that. Ya usually the one to take the item and put it back while they scream. Lol
Lil Love received a lot of crayons and she was quite happy with them. She kept saying "Nina color me" when she opened them. She also received some pool toys and two Elmos, one Papa got it's Up Up Elmo and one that is Elmo Live. She even got a Curious George which is like a glow worm doll, She loved him.
The above picture is one made with Oil Pastels. I was playing around with them one night and that's what showed up. I like it, I like how the birds are colorful and there's no denying them in the picture.I have the moon shining through a tree branch and a bird in a nest. Love it! lol I know ya not supposed to be impressed with ya own work but I was happy with this piece.
I'm gonna be doing Gary Reefs 30 day Challenge starting May 1st. I need to create art for 30 days straight. Nothing fancy, Nothing demanded from me, Not themes or certain mediums. Just art! Easy enough for me. I will try and share most of them with ya.


mystele said...

been wondering where you've been! have fun with that art challenge!!!

Shell said...

Glad to see you back. The art challenge sounds like fun, looking forward to see your creations.

K said...

glad you're back too and doing well!! doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun but necessary stuff that you've been up to. i look forward to your project...sounds like a good challenge. i look forward to seeing your things day to day!! hugs