Monday, April 13, 2009

~Woven Water Turtle~

~Woven Water Turtle~

I am excited to share this art piece with ya. This is a piece of trash! Ok, Don't make that face! I know ya sitting there looking at the picture and saying "What is she thinking? This is a cute picture" Well I'll explain, on April 10th I was trying to work on my art, the trouble was I had a migraine. Usually my art relaxes me, I pulled out my oil pastels and started to work on a Challenge piece for one of my groups. I totally messed it up, Yes, it was a total mess there was no salvaging it for the Challenge.

As many of ya know I'm a firm believer in waste not,want not. The old motto "Use it up,Wear it out, Make it do or do without" That's how my Da was when I was a child.
My decision was to not make any art that night. I placed this piece away as a journal background for an entry one day. Well last night I worked on a small piece for a friend of mine Robin. Yes, Yes, I'm gonna show ya that one too. I can't have ya thinking I don't share, now can I? lol

~Lil Lucy~

I made Lucy's dress using an envelope from a card, that my friend Robin sent me. Lucy is my nickname and since I had already made a "Regal Robin" to send her, I just thought I'd make her one named after me. Here is "Regal Robin"

~Regal Robin~
The idea to upcycle/recycle the envelopes was easy to make when I received the cards in the mail. I had been wanting to send her a surprise and it was simple when I seen the patterns of the envelopes. I just sent them off today so I can't wait to hear how she liked them. I'll letcha know.
As for the "Woven Water Turtle" It took me an hour to make Lil Lucy and I wasn't tired enough to sleep. I went through my art pieces and seen the "Trash background" I looked at it and decided to cut it into strips. Different sizes but cut them I did. As I was cutting I remembered how I used to make woven art when I was younger. I wasn't allowed to play outside when I was lil because I wore leg braces from the hips down. My mother was afraid I would get hurt, So ya learn to be quite inventive to amuse yaself.
I wove the pieces and glued them to another sheet of paper. When I was done I noticed a turtle looking at me. Not just any turtle but a Sea Turtle. So I brought him out for all to see. I have to say he's quite cute.
That's how I turned my trash into art. How to recycle/upcycle a mistake. I know it would have been easier to just gesso the piece and be done with it to start over. But I'm happy I set this piece aside and that my Turtle came into being because I chose to wait.


Shell said...

I love how you recycled your water turtle for Lil Lucy's to wear. She is adorable.

K said...

Very cute! Love Lil Lucy! Hope you are well...haven't heard from you in a while!

My Painted Things....and more said...

I love your turtle! I am a firm believer in recycle, upcycling also! I find it a lot of fun, I get my wood from what the local cabinet maker throws out....I love that it ends up hung on a wall instead of in the landfill.

Marylin Houle said...

Very nice job on the turtle :)

~Vintage Nina~ said...

Hi! Great job on the turtle!!! I wanted you to know I left you an award on my blog! I wanted to share your wonderful blog with my friends! Please stop by when you can. Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog soooo sorry it took me a few days to get back with you!!! I hope you are doing well!

K said...

Thank you for your thoughts! If you get a sec...check out my blog - left you a little award there!

glorv1 said...

Recycling is the way to go. I'm getting better at it. I love your paintings and the turtle and lucy are great. Thx for sharing.

mermaid musings said...

frugality rocks so does recycling or finding ways to save and reuse

Lydia said...

Love the turtle! How creative:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, hadn't seen you around hope all is well with you!