Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~Wishcasting Wednesday:What do you wish to shed?~

~Wishcasting Wednesday:What do you wish to shed?~
I wish to shed the insecurities I feel about desires in life. I have these unfufilled dreams and desires and wish to see them come true.
I wish I could pimp out my artwork like I can my friends. I have no trouble posting Blogs, Twittering or even Facebooking what my friends are doing with their artwork or classes they're teaching.
When it comes to me, I feel so insecure, like who would ever want to take a class from me, or what would I even teach that hasn't been done before? Who would even want to purchase any of my work? I get so weighed down with the insecurity of my talent.
I have no problem sharing my creative ideas with friends. Yet I can't seem to come up with anything I could possibly see someone else paying for me to teach. How can I even move forward with making these dreams come true if I can't even promote myself?
How do I shed these insecurities?
I wish to be more confident in sharing what I know with the world.
The question is... How do I begin?


Anonymous said...

As you wish for yourself, so do I lovingly wish for you as well.

Please remember...You have a gift to give. There are people who are waiting for you to teach them what only YOU can teach them. Don't underestimate your value.

Lynn said...

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I could have written this exact post!! I spend days trying to think of a way to make my dream a reality and instead I sit at a non-fulfilling job for 8 hrs a day wishing and not doing. I want to be home painting and creating and then by the time I do get home, sometimes I'm just emotionally too tired to remember WHAT I wanted to try :(
I think most of us suffer from this, but I agree with the first comment, YOU HAVE A GIFT TO GIVE!
I think you're great!

Biomouse said...

Hey Poe! You know I've found myself feeling that I definitely can spread everyone else's awesomeness around, but get very nervous about saying much about my own artistic nature. You're talented and have so many gifts to offer-let the reticence shed off you like water droplets. As Poe wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also.

Anonymous said...

Insecurity is such a tough nut to crack...I battle with this daily. You must keep affirming to yourself that you have the talent that you do (and keep practicing your art you wish to share). Begin by putting one foot in front of the other - every day.

As the lovely, poetic Peter Pan wishes for herself, I wish also for her.

Cazamataz said...

Begin now.... you have soo much give as you wish for yourself i wish for you also