Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Snow Moon~Dreamboard~

~Full Snow Moon Dreamboard~
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I have to admit I LOVE Jaime Ridler!
She's such an inspiration to me. She's never at a loss to sharing her heart. Jaime creates dreamboards and she encourages others to join in. I find making them to relaxing & get excited when I see my dreams come true, after I've created one.
If you'd like to see what I'm speaking about please visit Jaime here...
FIRST! let me explain why my dreamboard is in two pictures.
I decided to keep all my dreamboards in a journal. I didn't want the chance to lose one of them once the month is over. I can also go back & see how much I've grown & what dreams & goals came true.
My dreamboard this month is special to me. February being my birthday month, I had a lot to discover about myself.
We were asked to think outside the box for dreams that we were keeping deep within.
Sheesh! Did this hurt or what? I mean I've blogged about my dream of getting my Poetry published & selling my art & also teaching my art for the longest time. Each time I always put it off.
What is I'm keeping deep within myself? EXACTLY all of that!
I journaled about getting my studio set up. God knows I've been trying to unpack boxes since my move in 2008. I know, I know procrastnation. But, I think I've overcome this stalemate. I've come to understand as much as I love my Mama. This isn't her home anymore. Her home is in Heaven & this is my home & I need to make it such. Thus the motive for not unpacking my last room. I didn't need a therapist to know I was keeping my grief deep within me.
I am looking forward to creating my art studio & creating more art!
I want to blog more, & create more videos, & keep my creative juices going.
Plans to finish the artwork to my Poetry & see about getting that published. This is a childhood dream I'd love to see come true. I want to be able to donate funds to a Child Abuse Fund from the sales of this book.
I also journaled to keep track of my wonderful ideas, because relying on my memory isn't gonna work. So I have a Art Portfolio Journal just for those kinds of things.
These are all what I added to my dreamboard.
I plan on keeping this in mind, (and I wrote it on the lightbulb on the dreamboard)
With this in mind I know it's ok to put myself first. It's ok to keep pimping out my art friends and their art classes & such. But it's just as important for me to get myself out there too. I know these are what have been lying dormant deep within me, and now it's time to push through the earth and spring forth and grow!


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Love the green chairs. May all your dreams come true.

Bobbi said...

Love how open you are - I believe that by looking deep inside and being open that creativity is heightened - I don't know if you meant it like this - but the hand with soil and seed over the head - that speaks to me as new ideas and growth waiting to be "taken in" - I love that image

keep dreaming !!!

BunnyKissd said...

Lovely! May all your dreams come true!

Lynne Wilson said...

I love the combination of your writing and the images...very powerful.