Monday, July 18, 2011

ICAD Summer 2011 Challenge

ICAD Summer 2011 Challenge

First let me apologise to everyone who reads my blog. I've not posted in the longest time, due to health issues. In fact it's been just as long since I've done any artwork. I am also far behind on putting my Gluten Product Opinions here. I will be doing them soon, I promise. To letcah know what my health issue is, I've been seeing a doctor for a year now to help me with why I sleep so much. He said I had a vitamin deficency on Vitamin D. I was in the low 18's which ya supposed to be in the 35 range. I started taking 2000mg a day of vitamin D & this still hasn't changed my sleeping habits. I am constantly exhausted, & sleep is my best friend now. So please forgive me for not posting.

Now onto ICAD. ICAD stands for Index Card A Day. It's a Summer Challenge by Daisy Yellow at It's a great way to create some art when ya've no time to sit and do a big project. This challenge had my name all over it since I'm lucky if I can stay away an hour much less create anything. The above ICAD I created was to celebrate the half way mark of our journey. Now even if ya don't join in on this challenge it's a great place to grab some inspiration for when ya stuck. I hope ya stop by and visit Daisy Yellow and see what other artists have created so far. It's NEVER too late to join in on the fun.

Wishing everyone,

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Incipient Wings said...

i hope you start to feel better soon....
ICAD sounds like a great idea:)