Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 1 year to Lil Love Creations Blog!
It's amazing how fast a year can go by, Life has a way of interupting ya and changes the plans ya set in motion.
My year has been one of many challenges. One important change is in the health of MR. His health changed in a diection we didn't see coming. The whole time we've been married he has not once been hospitalized. Well Mother's Day last year he was in extreme pain and announced he was heading to the emergency room. Of course when one major thing happens life decides to toss in a bunch more drama for ya to deal with. Won't go into them just suffice it to say I wanted to just toss my hands in the air and scream "I've had enough!"
Seems MR. was diagnoised with pancreatitus. This condition can kill, What made his situation worse was his pancreas is backwards.
I told MR. "So I was right about ya after all!" When he asked me what I meant I said, " I always said ya were ass backwards!" The doc found that funny. So the deal with ya pacreas is when ya born, Ya born with two pancreas and they merge into one. When MR. was born he only weighed 3 lbs. Mamas umbiblical tube connected to MR. was barely open. What amazed the doctor was he didn't have any symptoms till now. So what had happened was a huge cyst surrounded his pancreas and they had to try and get it to go down. Believe me this was not any fun. When they felt it was safe enough they went in to place a stint into his pancreas. The stint is to help dissolve the cyst. They did this by endoscopy (they go through ya mouth). MR. found some relief and nature just needed to run it's course as the cyst tried to dissolve.
MR. Just last week had his second stint surgery. He will need to go back and have a cat scan in 4 weeks, then another stint replacement in June.
He may have to do this till the cyst completely dissolves. It was 7cm now it's 4cm. The reason for the stint changes, is they tend to clog because they're so small. If he had the cyst drain into MR's stomach he could cause different problems. So this was the safest way to heal MR.
What scared me was How close I came to losing him again. The first time was in 2003 when a drunk driver hit him head on while MR. was on his way to work at 6am. The driver was .11 and he didn't get hurt. MR. on the other hand suffered tremendous pain and injuries. So much so the Police Officers explained to me that MR. shouldn't have survived. They said they've seen cars like MR's and it always turned out bad.
Ya could imagine my fear of losing him again with this pancreatitus. He's healing well and believe it or not has lost some weight that he wanted to lose. :) As I was saying Life likes to toss us challenges and My updating my blog was one of them. I never know when I have time to pop on and voice how I'm doing. I know I was just informed that my Summer job will be 7 days a week versus the 6 days. Which means I'm working 10 hour days, 7 days a week. Not sure how this will fit into my blog time. But I will try and keep up when the time presents itself.
I know most people give a prize for their Blogoversary, I think I might do that too!
I want to give a shout out to TEENA IN TORONTO! She sent me Blogoversary wishes. Ya can check out her Blog here:
Read her entry about dinner with Mr. Chia Kitty.
If ya leave me ya name, I'll have Lil Love choose a winner to win a lil something from me. I won't tell ya what it is. If I did it wouldn't be a prize would it? lol
I think I'll give this 1 month for people to enter.
I want to take the time to thank my loyal readers,
I appreciate the wonderful words of support and love.
I especially appreciate ya taking this journey with me.


Joyfulsister said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!
Keep the Faith and in all things that life hands us, we shall be even stronger through it all.

Hugz Lorie

Eveline said...

Happy Blogaversary! And take good care of yourself and your loved ones, hope the sky will clear for all of you really soon! *hugs*

Leslie said...

Wow, sounds like you have been through alot...well I guess really MR went through alot...healing prayers being sent your way. I hope that everyone is doing well and on the mend.
Happy Anniversary on your Blog too!

wyanne said...

Wow...thanks for taking the time to leave such positive thoughts on my blog when you are going through so much. It really means a lot. I'm sending more positive thoughts your way too. And thank you for the fabulous quote. I will treasure it.

Jude said...

Happy 1st Anniversary on your opening of your Blog. I think is is so lovely of you to make time to update your blog with the REAL things in life that happen to all of us. My postive thoughts are being sent out to heal and protect YOU & YOUR loved ones and Ginny. Thank you for sharing your journey and your healing words with us.
Arohanui XOX
Jude & Sofie