Friday, April 30, 2010

~Lil Love's Special Friend Olivia~

~Lil Love's Special Friend Olivia~
I follow (actually I stalk, lol ) a wonderful lady by the name Rice Freeman-Zachery.
Her blog is
If ya want to have fun and laugh just read her entries. She's a no nonsense kind of gal, who tells it like it is. LOVE HER! By the way I'm wantcha to know she has a book out!

This is my high five plug for her. She didn't ask me to do it but I am.
I like to support my friends where I can.
The reason why I'm mentioning Rice, is because in one of her entries she posted she wanted to find new homes for old toys she had. One of them happened to be a baby doll. No one claimed the lil baby so I asked Rice if she would send it my way. Because I was sure she would find a loving mama in Lil Love. Rice in her explanation of the baby with pictures she provided said this baby had no eyes. I thought it wouldn't matter to Lil Love. I had told Lil Love that Ms. Rice was going to be sending her a special baby in the mail. I even went so far as to show her the pictures that Rice had posted so she would get an idea of what was to come. Lil Love noticed right away the baby was wearing overalls and had red shoes on. Excuse me her exact words were "Nina that baby is wearing rojo shoes" I smiled and said yes her shoes are red. I asked her what color were the overalls and she said "verde" (which means green in Spanish) Lil Love surprises me every day.
When the package came I was excited. I couldn't wait to see what Lil Love thought of the new baby. Unfortunately I had to wait till she woke from her nap. When she did, I told her that her special prize from Ms. Rice had come. We opened the box and Lil Love picked up the postcard. I read the note Rice had written. "Thank you for giving the baby a home!" Lil Love said "Ya welcome!" lol She slowly removed the tissue paper covering the baby. And the first thing she did when she took her out of the box was hug her! I took pictures of her with the new baby but I won't bore ya with them except for the one above. She immediately asked what the babys name was. We told her she needed to pick one, She chose Olivia for her. She then asked where the babys eyes were and Mama and I explained she was a blind baby who couldn't see. Her reply "That's why she's special!" She took Olivia's hand and said "Nice to meetcha Olivia" Her Mama and I smiled.
What amazed me about Lil Love was how she asked for "Quinn" (it's my Ipod she named) Then she sat on my bed got comfy. And with her arm wrapped around Olivia she explained to Olivia how to play games on Nina's Ipod. She played Curious George and described every picture and the colors to Olivia. She spoke to Olivia about everything that was going on with each game she played. She gave Olivia kisses and hugs and was very happy to have a new friend. Lil Love even went so far as to introduce her to our kitty Elan.
I'm am thrilled to let Rice know that her baby found a very loving home with Lil Love. It goes to show ya that children have no objections to people who are different. Most adults could learn a thing or two from a child. Lil Love showed her Mama and me how huge her heart is and I'm proud to say she's my Lil Love.
Note to Rice:
Thank ya ever so much for bringing joy into Lil Love's life. She's absolutely adores Olivia. It's because of you she has a new friend. Thanks for being generous in sending her our way.
Hugs, Poe


Ricë said...

what a lovely story! and photo--wonderful. thank you all so much for giving the baby a new home~~

Rhomany said...

That's so sweet, I'm sure they're going to be very best friends for a long time to come.